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Welcome to the official home of Simon Rademan 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are only available by appointment

Apart from the biographical information you may expect from a cyberspace 'home'...

you will find that the 300 pages and 600 images of inspiration

may be more than any fashionista can handle. 

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Experience the splendour of SA fashion designer and style director,  Simon Rademan

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Romantic brides...

Exclusive wedding apparel for the individual.  There are more than 300 bridal images on this site...  Read more...

Matric farewell...

This is often referred to as the night when a girl becomes a lady...  Read more...


The Style Bible...



Lockdown Fun...


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"I have dedicated my life to making women more beautifull than they already are..."

 Simon Rademan


True couture, Romance, and Feminine fabulousness are the keywords this season...

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06-10-21  Our country is  " back at Alert level 1" of the Corona virus, Covid-19, lockdown.

We should continue to wear a facemask, and while we do have couture masks available, you may want to continue making your own?  Caution should be taken choosing a 3-layerd mask as shown below.


Here is a SR complimentary pattern for DIY purposes


NB:  This is how it should be made/used

                                     1st layer:  The inner layer should be an absorbent fabric like cotton

                                     2nd layer:  The Middle layer should be non-woven like a spunbound fabric

                                     3rd layer:  The outer layer should be of a moisture-resistant fabric like a polyester



   Anelle Bester Ludik proudly wearing Simon Rademan   Romantic brides...