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"Fashion designer, author, social commentator and style guru Simon Rademan is widely respected for his creative talent and unique approach to the world of couture.  It comes as no surprise that Mr Rademan would use use the historical lockdown period to create Her Royal 'Lowness' Clovidia, an informative read about Covid-19.  Simon once again A short story and a colouring projectproves that even as a caricaturist, he can bring concepts and characters to life."     - Kristi Maree

NEW:  "HRL Novelle Clovidia Wuhaa'an" is an on-line short story and a #ColourMeFab colouring project, and was created in/during lockdown (P.C. - post Covid-19, and while "it" is happening) - by Simon RademanIn early 2020, the Corona Virus, Covid-19, forced the world to a stand-still.

Read the story, print the characters, colour in, and stay safe...

B.C. - before Covid-19

We have been in the bridal and evening wear industry since 1989After 3 Decades in a great industry filled with beauty and glamour, award-winning fashion designer, Simon Rademan has long been an international fashion/style ambassador.  He is undoubtedly one of the most respected fashion and style gurus in South Africa.  He has designed and styled multiple wedding gowns and gloriously glamorous evening wear for local and international clients, making him a leading specialist and influencer in the field.

He has represented South Africa on various platforms internationally, (amoung others: The Rugby World Cup, Mrs United Nations, Mrs South Africa, FIFA) bringing home much acclaim. Having designed for the world of Beauty, Celebrity, Ballet, Theatre, Live Musical  and Television performances, CD covers, and much more, his first love is the female form and making women more beautiful than they already are.

Simon was born a couple of years after George Washington, but on the same day – 22 February. He learned sign language before he could speak either Afrikaans or English, as both his parents were deaf.  With very little wealth as a child, he knew instantly that love and hard work should be the foundation of his existence.

After studying Art, Graphic art, Hairstyling, Modelling and Paint techniques, he enrolled at the International Academy of Fashion where he majored in Pattern design, Textiles and Creative Styling.  Through hard work, determination and an inborn enthusiasm to always make women look their best, he earned respect and admiration, as well as various awards and nominations.  His natural insight into fashion and style lead to numerous appearances on television, in newspapers and leading magazines.

With “Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio”, he opened a design house in 1989 that continues to inspire and concentrates on couture crafted unique wear..  His clients vary from businesswomen to celebrities, from matriculants to brides.

Mr Rademan is the author of an indispensable guidebook on style with fundamentals of style and fashion that no woman can live without, named "The Style Bible".  He has mentored students in the industry, is a sought after column writer, op-ed contributer and fashion/style critic - guiding on what to wear and what not to wear (both on and off the Red Carpet).

He is officially married to his life’s work.  He adores beautifying women and inspiring others, and understands that the only constant in life is… change! 

Simon can set a table beautifully, loves entertaining, but can’t cook or bake!

Quotes from those in the know:

 Rooi Rose:  "... die man met die X-faktor..."

 Groot FM:  "Maak ons almal slimmer en base van ons eie klerekaste...

 Marie Claire:  "...  for the elite and must be seen in...."

Jackaranda 94.  "...  so baie van ons wou almal al van kleintyd af 'n Simon Rademan he..."

 Elle Magazine:  "... the one to ask about the red carpet..."

Cosmopolitan:  "... very proud to say he is 'Suid-Afrikaans"...
"He is undoubtedly one of the most respected fashion and style gurus in South Africa". - City Press

Some more quoted accolades:   

 Maroela Media - "Hy gee alle vroue 'n 2e kans om 'n eerste indruk te maak met die langverwagte "The Style Bible".

 John Key - " of the best in the world..."  Rooi Rose - "... ontwerp meester..."
 RSG - "...legendariese mentor uit die modewereld"  Grazia - "... our salute to SA style ambassador..."
 MyTYD - " sinoniem met styl..."  Zebra Press - " of the most respected ..."
 ANN7 - "... the always interesting, inspiring king of style..."  CNN9 - "South Africa's foremost design talent..."
 Kwela - "... hy is Suid Afrika se trots..."  Bravo! - ".... baanbreker ontwerper..."
 Finesse tydskrif - "...voorwaar 'n ikoon en 'n legende in ons land se modebedryf."  Mrs United Nations org - "Meestervolle insig in styl..."
 KEUR - "...liefling ontwerper van die Suid Afrikaanse vrou..."  Rooi Rose - "Mnr Styl"

 Siyaya Publishing - "...masterfully conceptualised..."

 Pols (Beeld) -  "... so uniek soos sy ontwerpe ..."
 Finesse"-   "...een van die hoë priesters van Haute Couture..."  Top Billing - “…marvelous style in exquisite designs…”
 My Week - "...arbiter of style..."  City Press - "... the highly acclaimed fashionista..."
 About Time - "... a much celebrated SA fashion designer..."   Red Cross - "...all inspiring design genius..."
 True Love - "...One of South Africa's best..."   Sunday Times - "...brilliant, feisty AND extremely elegant..."
 Woman's Value - "...always so elegant..."   You, Huisgenoot - "...undoubtedly inspirational..."
 Rapport - " betrokkenheid by die mode maak hom onmisbaar..."   Beeld - "...onder een van die land se 10 bestes..."
 Sunday Times  - "...someone to watch out for..."   Pretoria News - "...a fine result of hard work and immense talent..."
 Rooi Rose - "...een van die voorste name in die modebedryf..."   GMSA - "...definitely heading for the top..."
 Sarie - "...ontwerpte klere wat mense op hulle mooiste laat lyk..."   Citizen - "...Simon Rademan celebrates in style..."
 Pasella - "...onder die gesogste in die land..."   Mercantile Sun - "...designer to the stars..."
 Talking Threads - "...creates a stir..."   Grafitti -  "...'n vars en nuwe briesie in die modebedryf..."
 DeKat - "...vooraanstaande Suid-Afrikaanse modeontwerper weet hoe..."   The Sowetan - "...our very own Fashion Guru..."
 City Press - “…Perfect mix of originality, style…”    Fair Lady - "...gloriously glamorous designs..."
 Jackaranda - "... enige figuurtipe sy muse..."   Netwerk 24 - " ... front of the line knowledge..."
 Kwęla - “…’n inspirasie vir almal om hom…”   Intiem/Intimate - "..fascinating designs from a fascinating designer.."
 Vrouekeur - "...Omtower vroue al vir jare..."   GETit "... a true South African ambassador for true style... "

... for more, google "Simon Rademan"

Students and members of the media who are currently doing a project or article on fashion design, fashion,  and/or about Simon Rademan as a designer, may submit all questions.  We regret:  no personal questions will be answered. 

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 My parents and grandparents have laid foundations of love in abundance... strong enough for me to share with others for eternity.As a Toddler...    Simon Rademan was born a couple of years after George Washington, but on the same day : 22 February.   

Music may be an universal language, but by understanding sign language you enter a world that is pure and without pretenceAs a CODA...    (Child of a deaf adult - CODA) He learned sign language before he could speak either Afrikaans or English, as both his parents were deaf. acted as a formal translater at several funerals, weddings and similar celebrations.

I joined the army after I matriculated.  It was one of the strongest foundations for my sense of responsibility.As a soldier in the Army...   With very little wealth as children, he knew instantly that hard work and love should be the foundation of his existence.   After matriculating, he left the beautiful town, Ceres, to complete his 2 year military obligation at Voortrekkerhoogte in Pretoria, and at Cape Town.

Performing as an actor taught me that once you put your mind to something ...anything is possible.As a drama student...    Simon understood that working in a bank for five years would afford him the opportunity to save money and to experiment with different part-time courses.   He studied drama and starred in 12 plays (e.g.. Joseph and his amazing Technicolor dream coat).   Art, Graphic art, Make-up, Hairstyling, Modeling and Paint techniques are some of the courses that prepared him for what he always knew would set his soul free.   His designs for the female form would one day stop traffic!

If there is a remote chance that any talent you may have ... you simply have to explore that.As a design student...   His incredible quest for destiny started at the International Academy of Fashion in Gauteng, where he majored in Pattern Design, Textiles and Creative Styling.  Right from the start his designs earned the respect and admiration of those he came into contact with.  He registers Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio as a cc, and opens the door of a design house that continues to inspire and set new trends.   His clients range from businesswomen to celebrities, from matric-ladies to those who fall in love and get married.

My vision is real... and a fantastic reality.  My dedication and life's journey, is to honour the beauty of women.As a Master craftsman...   After 21 years in the fashion industry, Simon Rademan undoubtedly became one of the most respected fashion guru's in the south of Africa, and his reputation as a creative stylist reaches far beyond expectations.

The ultimate in living is to love and respect yourself and to share that feeling with every person that touches your life.As a leading bridal designer...   He specializes in exclusive, exquisite wedding dresses for local and international clients.  Brides feel and look beautiful and chic in his simple yet (sometimes) richly embellished robes.  They consider a Simon Rademan as a “must have” rather that “a would like to have”, thus making him a leading specialist in his field.

I do not gamble and I do not believe in luck.  I believe in being prepared when the opportunity arises.As a Miss SA and beauty scout...   His opinion about beauty, style and etiquette is highly sought after by individuals, trendsetters, and fashionistas, and was asked by MNET to become part of SA's first reality TV program - scouting and judging Miss SA nation wide.  His reputation as a talent scout and being courageous in his opinion allowed him to be appointed as a national judge for the highest ranking ambassadorial competitions such as Miss South Africa, Mrs United Nations, Miss SA Campus, Fashion TV, Miss Teen (JIP), Mrs SA, and many, many more competitions.

I do not believe that life is unfair.As a well-known personality...   Through hard work, determination and an inborn enthusiasm to make women look their best, he receives various nominations and awards and appears on television programs, in newspapers and leading magazines which begin to honor his natural insight into fashion.   He achieves further recognition from the public by appearing in a crossword puzzle as an outstanding couturier!

The world is not flat..., it actually is round.As a successful fashion designer...   Simon Rademan celebrated his coming of age in an industry that he absolutely adores.   His medley of styles is a tribute to all who supports him, and an inspiration to those joint in the fashion arena.   He believes that “the ultimate in living is to respect and love yourself and to share that feeling with every single person that touches your life”.

I constantly experience the splendour of starting every day as the first day of the rest of my life.As a celebrated stylist...   His life’s motto is strongly personified by the words of JRR Tolkien:  "All that is gold, does not glitter...all those who wonder, aren't lost.  The old who are strong, do not wither, and deep roots are not reached by the frost."

As an international Style/Fashion Ambassador...    Mr Rademan has been awarded the elite honour of becoming the official South African member of the first ever "International Designer Collection".  This Symbol of Global Unity was hosted by the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Rt Hon John Key, and Style Pasifika, with 19 other countries, including… France, Canada, Japan, Argentina, England, Scotland, Romania, Ireland, Australia, US, Italy, Russia, Wales and New Zealand.

A short story and colouring bookAs a published author...    "The Style Bible" hit stores on 04.11.13, published by ZebraPress, Random House Struik. and is an indispensable guidebook on style with fundamentals of style and fashion that no woman should live without. Fully aware that not all women can afford Haute Couture, Simon Rademan packaged his wealth of knowledge and experience in this easy-to-read affordable format.  Chock-full of pearls of wisdom, wit and invaluable advice, The Style Bible is for women of all ages who are interested in fashion but who need just a little bit of help to look their best. Although sold out, it is very much available as an e-book.  For more information on this, or who to contact for more information, visit

NEW As the creator of Her Royal Lowness, Novelle Clovidia Wuhaa'an... Read the story, print the characters, colour in, and stay safe... 

    As a true, Couture Ambassador... 

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History and Biography of Simon Rademan

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