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Every now and then, a style-, dress-, etiquette- or design question arises that has the nation talking.  This page is where you can partake in a 'quickvote' and make your opinion count.  You are also hereby invited to mail us questions to which answers are needed. 

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Opinion pole / Quickvote... 


This quickvote (Opinion pole) helps us find fashion and style related answers to sometimes complicated questions.  Contact us if you have a question...


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Results of previous quickvotes

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Results of previous quickvotes:


The 2011 day time Emmys featured many "too-tight" outfits on the Red Carpet.  Should any woman wear "too-tight" ever?

83% said no

17% said yes       Back to homepage


Simon Rademan has been bestowed the honour of representing SA at the first ever "International Designer Collection" as the Elite of Global Design.  Do you have a problem that a white designer represents SA?   Read the article

51% said no

49% said yes  


Our site has undergone a long awaited image change.  Do you like the format of our new homepage?  view page..

89%said yes

11% sad no       Back to homepage


Did you "like" HSH Charlene Grimaldi's wedding gown?   view gown

88% said yes   (this quick vote had an overwhelming response)

12% sad no      


Did you "like" HRH Catherine Middleton's wedding gown?   view gown

93% said yes

only 7% sad no


Will you be watching the British royal wedding between prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton?

89% said yes

11% said no


Are butterflies "sophisticated" insects?  view why

61% said yes

39% said no


Did you give to charities this past Christmas? 

54% said no

46% said yes

(sent in by Glenda du Toit)


We live in different times, where some brides walk down the isle with no veil. What do you think?

57% said yes

43% said no       


Finesse magazine had a very exciting makeover last month.  Do you like the makeover?

79% said yes

21% said no


There is much talk in the international media that being overweight, and specifically: "being fat", is an illness.  Do you think so? 

67% said yes

33% said no

(sent in by Suzanne de Klerk)


Is the matric farewell function a yearly "waste of money"?

49% said yes

51% said no       


Should we dress up for theatre?

52% said yes

48% said no            

(sent in by Su-Ann Schwartz)


Wedding dresses should be any colour of the rainbow.

41% said Yes

59% said no

(sent in by Henriette Gouws)


Times are changing:  Should brides still be "veiled" (wear a veil over their face) in 2009?

59% said yes

41% said no        


Would you undergo Plastic surgery?

79% said yes

21% said no    


Does your husband/partner know what brand of socks he wears?

95% said no

5% said yes    


Parliament (at the opening of...) dressed much better than last year!

35% said yes

65% disagreed. 


Mrs Michelle Obama always dresses appropriately.  She wore a "maize" coloured ensemble (designed by Isabel Toledo from Cuba) to the inauguration of the 44th American President, Mr Barack H. Obama.  Did she get it right this time?  View image

54 % said yes

46% said no        


The 66th Golden Globe fashion was very disappointing.  It was "not glamorous" enough!

43% agreed

57% disagreed.    


Will you be making new year's resolutions?

59% said yes, they will

41% said no.   


Me SA shocked this weekend by describing the Miss world experience as "f---------n" awesome, on worldwide television.   Read what happened

88% said it was wrong

12% said she can say what she wants to    


Did you read the Simon Rademan story in Finesse magazine (June 2009)?  Read now

91% said yes

9% did not       


Should ladies wear pants?  Or should they stick to skirts and dresses?

84% said please stick to skirts

16% said they should wear pants    


Accessories are mainly silver this season, What do you wear?

91% said Silver

Only 9% saic Gold                Back to top        Back to homepage

Media request for an interview  

Back to top



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