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Simon Rademan is a much celebrated South African fashion designer and stylist to the stars.   He has designed for, and styled the who's who in evening wear and bridal attire for almost two decades.  To find out who some of them are, browse these pages:

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Disclaimer:  Not all the gowns on these pages are Simon Rademan exclusive

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Adam Barnard,

Amalia Uys,

Amanda Strydom 1,  Amanda Strydom 2, Amanda Strydom 3,

Amor Vittone 1,  Amor Vittone 2,  Amor Vittone 3,  Amor Vittone 4,

Andion van Niekerk 1,  Andion van Niekerk 2,

Andre Swartz,

Andre Venter,

Andriette Norman,

Anel Alexander 1, Anel Alexander 2,

Anelle Schotkamp-Hugo 1,  Anelle Schotkamp-Hugo 2,

Anna Davel 1,  Anna Davel 2,

Anna Mart van der Merwe 1,  Anna Mart van der Merwe 2,  Anna Mart van der Merwe 3, Anna Mart van der Merwe 4,

Annette Kasselman,  

Annette Liebenberg 1,  Annette Liebenberg 2,

Annie Malan 1, Annie Malan 2, Annie Malan 3,

Arina de Witt 1, Arina de Witt, 2,

Arno Jordaan 


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Bernelee Daniels-Losch 1,  Bernelee Daniels-Losch 2,

Bianca le Grange 1,  Bianca le Grange 2,  Bianca le Grange 3,

Bok van Blerk 1,  Bok van Blerk 2,

Braam Kruger,

Brigitte Willers,  

Brumilda van Rensburg 1,  Brumilda van Rensburg 2,  Brumilda van Rensburg 3,  Brumilda van Rensburg 3,

Burgerd Botha

Busisiwe Mahlaba,


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Carel Bosman,

Carike Keuzenkamp 1,  Carike Keuzenkamp 2, Carike Keuzenkamp 3,

Carol Manana,

Carien Loubser,

Caroline Jacobs,

Casper de Vries,

Catherine Contantinides,

Cecil Theron,

Cecile Braun,

Chantal Abrahams,

Chante Hinds 1,  Chante Hinds 2,  Chante Hinds 3,  Chante Hinds 4,  Chante Hinds 5,

Chante Jantjies, Miss Teen SA 2009,

Christina Storm 1, Christina Storm 2, Christina Storm 3,

Christl Weinbeck 1, Christl Weinbeck 2,

Christo Gerlach

Cindy Nell 1, Cindy Nell 2,  Cindy Nell 3,  Cindy Nell 4,

Clayton Robbertze

Claudia Henckel,

Corlia Botha,

Connie Ferguson,

Corine du Toit,

CorneMarie Schoonraad 1,  CorneMarie Schoonraad 2,


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Daniele Pascal

David van Heerden,

David Vlok,

David Reese,

Debra Patta,

Desire Manthee 1, Desire Manthee 2,

Devi Sankaree Govender,

Dewald Louw,

Dieter Voight,

D.J. Ossewa

Donnay Torr 1,  Donnay Torr 2,

Doreen Morris 1,  Doreen Morris 2,

Dorette Potgieter,

Dosi, Dosi, Dosi,

Dot Field,


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Eagan Williamson,

Edith Venter 1, Edith Venter 2,  Edith Venter 3,  Edith Venter 4,

Elana Afrika 1,  Elana Afrika 2,  Elana Afrika 3,  Elana Afrika 4, 

Elise Cawood 1,  Elize Cawood 2,  Elize Cawood 3,

Elizma Theron 1, Elizma Theron 2,

Eloise Kupido 1,  Eloise Kupido 2,

Elsa Engelbrecht,

Estie Mostert


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Fanie Cronje, 

Fatima Abdool 1,  Fatima Abdool 2,

Fiona Ramsay,

Francois Rautenbach,

Francois Steyn,


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Gary Romm,

Gavin Prins,

Genevieve Howard,

George Knoke,

George Meiring,

Gerhard Steyn 3, Gerhard Steyn 2, Gerhard Steyn 1,  Gerhardt Steyn

Gerna van Rooyen,

Ghapi 2, Ghapi 1,

Gillian Goldman,

Graca Machel,

Grethe Fox 1  ,Grethe Fox 2,

Gwen Gills,


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Hannah Botha 1,  Hannah Botha 2,

Hannah Grobler,

Heidi van Zyl,

Harold Richter,

Heinz Winkler,

Helenč Bester 1,Helenč Bester 2,

Helene Lombaard,

Hennie and Anneke le Roux 1,  Hennie and Anneke le Roux 2,

Hennie Smit,

Hestrie Cloete 1,  Hestrie Cloete 2,  Hestrie Cloete 3,  Hestrie Els 4,

HRH Prince Juan Carlos the 1st,


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Ivan Zimmermann,


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Jacinda Louw 1, Jacinda Louw, 2

Jaco Spies,

Jacque Terre'blanche,

Jakkie Louw,

James Alexander,

Jana van der Merwe,

Jana Strydom,

Janie du Plessis,

Janine van Niekerk,

Jaqui Mofokeng,

Jenna Clifford,

Jennifer Jones, Jennifer Jones,

Jennifer Su 1,  Jennifer Su 2,

Jerry Springer,

Joan Ramagoshi and Jeff Madibeng 1,  Joan Ramagoshi 2,  Joan Ramagoshi 3, Joan Ramagoshi 4,

Jolene Martin-Morgan,

Jo-Ann Strauss 1,  Jo-Ann Strauss 2,

Johan van Rensburg,

John Smit,

Jolette Odendaal,

Joost van der Westhuizen,

JP Pietersen,

Juanita du Plessis 1, Juanita du Plessis 2, Juanita du Plessis 3,

Judges for Miss City Press,

Julia Morley,

Jungle Girl,

Jurie Els 1,  Jurie Els 2,


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Karen Beukes 1,  Karen Beukes 2,

Karen Botha 1,  Karen Botha 2,

Karen Ferreira,

Karen Marais,

Karen Zoid,

Karien Stander,

Karin Hougaardt 1,  Karin Hougaardt 2,

Karin Kortje,

Karin Meiring,

Katinka Heyns 1,  Katinka Heyns 2,  Katinka Heyns 3,

Kass Naidoo,

Kerry Hiles,

Krezaan Erasmus,

Kurt Darren 1,   Kurt Darren 2,


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Leandie du Randt 1,  Leandie du Randt 2,

Leanne Manas 1,  Leanne Mannas 2,

Lee Furter,

Lianie May,

Liesl Krauze-Wiid,

Liezel van der Wethuizen 1, Liezel van der Westhuizen 1, Liezel van der Westhuizen 2, Liezel van der Westhuizen 3 Liezel van der Westhuizen 4,  Liezel van der Westhuizen 5

Liezel Krauze-Wiid,

Lindie Stander,

Lindie van Eeden 1,  Lindie van Eeden 2,  Lindie van Eeden 3,

Lorna Potgieter 1,  Lorna Potgieter 2,

Loui Fish,

Louis Loock,

Lourine Wannenburg,

Louisa Taylor 1,  Louisa Taylor 2,


Lucille van Niekerk,


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Mandi du Plooy (Baard) 1, Mandi du Plooy (Baard) 2,

Manuel and Priscilla Escorcio,

Mapula Sibanda,

Marco Whal,

Marcus Muller 3, Marcus Muller 2, Marcus Miller 1,

Marelize Steyn-Earle 1, Marelize Steyn 2,  Marelize Steyn 3,

Marion Goldspink,

Marius Roberts,

Mark Pilgrim,

Martie Pansegrouw,

Matthys Roets,

Maurice Carpede,

Michelle Botes 1, Michelle Botes 2,

Michelle Nigrini,

Michelle Pienaar,

Micky Mouse,

Mimmie Coertse 1,  Mimmie Coertse 2,

Minnie Mouse,

Miriam Makeba,

Miss Universe,

Monique Strydom 1,  Monique Strydom 2,

Munro du Toit,


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Naas Botha 1,  Naas Botha 2,

Nadia Beukes,

Nadine 1, Nadine 2,

Nakedi Ribani,

Nataniel le Roux, Nataniel,

Natasha Sutherland 1,  Natasha Sutherland 2,  Natasha Sutherland-Hofmeyr 3,  Natasha Sutherland-Hofmeyr 4,

Navi Red,

Nedine Blom 1,  Nedine Blom 2,

Nianell 1,  Nianell 2,

Nicole Flint, Miss SA 2009 1,  Nicole Flint 2,

Niko Grobler,

Nina Swart,

Nkeli Motsomi,

Noeleen Maholwana Sanqui,

Nonhle 1,  Nonhle 2,

Noni Gasa,


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Palesa Masiteng,

Patricia Lewis 1,  Patricia Lewis 2,

Paul Azvedo,

Paul Rothman 1,  Paul Rothman 2,

Penny Coelen-Rey,

Pepsi Pokane,

Phuti Mngqibisi,

Philip Georgas,

Pieter de Necker,

Pieter Koen,

Porche Modise,


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There are no personalities in this category


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Ramey Short,

Retha McPhersen 1,  Retha McPherson 2,

Reynhardt Hugo,

Riaan Grobler,

Rian van Heerden,

Rina Hugo 1, Rina Hugo 2,

Robert Hamblin,

Rocco de Villiers,


Romi Venter,

Rosie Motene,

Ruda Landman 1,  Ruda Landman 2,  Ruda Landman 3,

Ryk Neethling 1,  Ryk Neethling 2, 

Ryno Basson,  

Ryno van Wyk 1,  Ryno van Wyk 2,  Ryno van Wyk 3,


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Sally Leung 1, Sally Leung 2,  Sally Leung 3,

Schalk Burger,

Sean Else,

Shaleen Surtie Richards 1,  Shaleen Surtie Richards 2,  Shaleen Surtie Richards 3,  Shaleen Surtie Richards 4,  Shaleen Surtie Richards 5,

Shemaine Harris 1,  Shemaine Harris 2,

Sonja Herholdt 1,

Sonja Herholdt 2,  Sonja Herholdt 3,  Sonja Herholdt 4,  Sonja Herholdt 5,

Sonja Raciti,

Stella McCartney,

Steve Hofmeyr 1,  Steve Hofmeyr 2,  Steve Hofmeyr 3,

Susan Kruger,

Suzette van der Merwe,

Sybil Coetzee 1,  Sybil Coetzee 2,


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Teddy Bears's banquet,

Therese Benade 3, Terese Benade 2, Therese Benade 1,

Theofista Ellis,

Theuns Jordaan,

Thuli Sithole,


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There are no personalities in this category


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Vanessa Carreira,

Vinette Ebrahim 1,  Vinette Ebrahim 2,  Vinette Ebrahim 3, Vinette Ebrahim,

Vusi Twala,


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Willem J. Botha,

Willie Louw 1,  Willie Louw 2,

Wilna Snyman 1,  Wilna Snyman 2,  Wilna Snyman 3,


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Xolani Gwala,


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Yolande Ferreira,

Yvonne Kempen,

Yvonne van den Berg 1, Yvonne van den Berg 2,


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Zantie Swanepoel 1, Zantie Swanepoel 2,

Zetske van Pletzen,

To see if they have been dressed by Mr Rademan, visit our celebrity page

Wall of fame

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