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Simon Rademan is a much celebrated South African fashion designer and stylist to the stars.   He has designed for, and styled the who's who in evening wear and bridal attire for almost two decades.   To find out who some of them are, browse this page ... or go to 'Celebrities' or 'Magazines and Magazine Covers' or any of the services offered by Simon Rademan

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 Judges for Miss City Press 2004, Palesa Masiteng

        Natasha Sutherland, Simon Rademan

 Theofista Ellis, Simon Rademan, Suzette van der Merwe

  Simon Rademan, Elsa Engelbrecht

 Manuelle Escorcio, Franscilla Escorcio, Simon Rademan

 Judges and winner Mr SA 2005, Ryno van Wyk
 Congratulations to Hestrie Cloete and Jurie Els on the birth of their first-born:  a beautiful baby girl, Chrizette 
 Simon Rademan, Joan Ramagoshi
 David Vlok, CorneMari Schoonraad, Simon Rademan
 Simon Rademan and bride-models
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The personalities who appear on these photographs, are:  Judges for Miss City Press, Busisiwe Mahlaba, Palesa Masiteng, Natasha Sutherland-Hofmeyr, Theofista Ellis, Suzette van der Merwe, Elsa Engelbrecht, Manuel and Priscilla Escorcio, Joan Ramagoshi, Ryno van Wyk, Hestrie Cloete, Jurie Els, David Vlok, CorneMarie Schoonraad.

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