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Simon Rademan is a much celebrated South African fashion designer and stylist to the stars.   He has designed for, and styled the who's who in evening wear and bridal attire for almost two decades.   To find out who some of them are, browse this page ... or go to 'Celebrities' or 'Magazines and Magazine Covers' or any of the services offered by Simon Rademan

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 Annette Liebenberg, Simon Rademan, Nonhle
Simon Rademan, Matthys Roets
 Bianca le Grange, Simon Rademan, Nina Swart
 Brumilda van Rensburg, Simon Rademan
 Heidi van Zyl, Amanda Brink, JoAnn Strauss, Romi, Simon Rademan, Marelies Steyn, Willie Louw, Louisa Taylor
Please let us know who the well-known actress is with Simon Rademan and Lindie van Eeden 
Simon Rademan at RCP Prestige 2005, with model:  Jacinda Louw 
Anelle Schotkamp-Hugo, Rian van Heerden, Simon Rademan, please let us know if you recognize the other guests on the photo 
 Penny Coelen-Rey, Simon Rademan
 Andre Swartz, Karen Hougaardt, Simon Rademan, Edith Venter, Anelle  Schotkamp-Hugo, Sonja Herhold, Bernelee Daniels-Losch, Casper de Vries
 Amor Vittone, Lorna Potgieter, Simon Rademan, please let us know if you recognize the other guests on the photo
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The personalities who appear on these photographs, are:  Annette Liebenberg, Nonhle, Matthys Roets, Bianca le Grange, Nina Swart, Brumilda van Rensburg, Heidi van Zyl, Jo-ann Straus, Louisa Taylor, Willie Louw, Marelies Steyn, Romi, Lindie van Eeden, Jacinda Louw, Rian van Heerden, Penny Coelen-Rey, Andre Swartz, Karin Hougaardt, Edith Venter, Anelle Schotkamp-Hugo, Sonja Herholdt, Bernelee Daniels-Losh, Casper de Vries, Amor Vittone, Lorna Potgieter

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