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South African fashion designer, Simon Rademan. is a celebrated stylist to many celebrities.  On this page are some of the well-known personalities that he has had the pleasure of working with.  His designs (evening wear and bridal gowns) have graced the covers of numerous leading magazines in South Africa.

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 Chanté Hinds
 Chanté Hinds
 Yvonne van den Bergh
 Cris De Clerque Esterhuizen and Ronel Ruthven
 Model bride
 Chris De Clerque Esterhuizen and Ronel Ruthven
 Antoinette Campher
 Elsa Engelbrecht
 Sonja Herholdt
 Ronel Ruthven

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The personalities that appear on this page, are:  Chante Hinds, Yvonne van den Berg, Chris de Clerque, Ronel Ruthven, Elsa Engelbrecht, Sonja Herholdt.

How many magazine covers are on these pages?  How many of the people on the covers did you recognize?  Tell us  what they are known for, and stand a chance to receive a free consultation.

..with a sincere thank you to the following magazines and newspapers which I have worked with in the past and will continue to do so in the future.  (Many  visuals on this site have been taken from articles and photo shoots printed in the following):
Fair Lady, Finesse, You, Huisgenoot, Cosmopolitan, Marie-Claire, Rooi Rose, Sarie, True Love, DeKat, Women's Value, Keur, Beeld, Rapport, Sunday Times, Ray, Bravo, The Sowetan, SA Fusion, ...


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 Magazine covers

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