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     Style advice from extraordinary people:


Zantie Swanepoel Director, Mrs United Nation: South Africa

Zantie swanepoel

Short biography   -   Zantie was awarded the Directorship of the Mrs United Nation South Africa competition in 2004 after proving to be a worthy ambassador for woman not only in her country but also internationally.  As a former Mrs United Nation International (2001), she is a National Spokeswoman for babies born in South African Prisons. She is also founder of the Babies Behind Bars Project which was launched in the year 2000.


What are Zantie's basic style tips for dressing-up?


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What is the question?


"What are your 3 basic tips for "being ready" to face the world?"

Zantie Swanepoel's answer:     

***   Always wear something that suits your body type and shows off your best assets.            

***   Never go anywhere without make-up even if it is just mascara, lipstick and blusher.   Nobody takes you serious if you don't.         

***   Always wear the right colours, it is amazing how the wrong colours can make you look tired, stressed and sick. The right colours again can make you look young, striking and vibrant!  

Zantie Swanepoel's inspiration:

"Changing the world, one soul at a time... 

Contact her:     Mobile 083 6262 718



Zantie Swanepoel

Zantie swanepoel



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