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     Mini Articles:


By popular demand, we have introduced a series of Homepage Extra pages that are mini-articles inspired by style related happenings.  This will not necessarily reflect the designs, advice, or any work of Mr Rademan, but carries his "Stamp of approval".

We will also ask some phenomenal women (and men) some simple questions about style and fashion that nobody else ever asks them!   We'll call this:

Style Talking

Our sole objective is to inspire and promote.  Every Monday, we will have a new addition and ask you to take part in a quick vote.    As you know by now, we value your privacy, so rest assured that we won't know who is voting...

...untill next Monday, then.  J


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Glamorous              Elegant              Beautiful Fashion             Evening             Classy              Chic              Original              Designer              Classic

This page has been designed to promote and inspire... It carries the "Simon Rademan" stamp of approval, and will continue to highlight abso-fashion-lutely happenings   Mail us


Glamorous              Elegant              Beautiful Fashion             Evening             Classy              Chic              Original              Designer              Classic

     Homepage extras:


Style Advice from prominent SA Celebrities

Paul Rothman

Suzette van der Merwe

Jennifer Su

Gavin Prins

Tobi Jooste


Theofista Ellis

Barry Pretorius

Liesel Krause Wiid

Monique Strydom

Desire Gardner

Zetske van Pletzen

Zantie Swanepoel 

Blackberry Ambassador

Rapport/Vonk awards

Life coaching

Walter Sisulu and SMCT

Natasha Barnard

Diski Dance

Carike Keuzenkamp

Sarah Cangley

Carol Manana

Faberge eggs

Corine du Toit


Mascha van Vuuren

Vivienne Westwood

Ray Magazine


67 Minutes?

Guide Dogs 4 the Blind

Michelle Obama

2009 Golden Globes Fashion

Arina de Witt

Susan Puren

Shemane Harris

Marelize Steyn-Earle

Brumilda van Rensburg

What does "fashion" mean?

Eleanor Ford

Chante Hinds (Moller)

Bernelee Daniell

Mimi Coertse

Mandi du Plooy (Baard)

Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu

Phyllis Green

A men's day?

Sonja Herholdt

Anel Alexander

Gwen Gill

Helenč Bester

Elzabe Zietsman

Hestrie Els (Cloete)

Joan Ramagoshi

Wearing vintage

Edith Venter


Lindie Strydom (van Eeden)

Judging competition?

Advice from"O"

A Wine estate

Missing children, and lunch with Mr Rademan?



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   Do I like this extra?        

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Mrs Eleanor Ford - Fashion show directorChante Hinds (Moller) - Mom, Inspirational speakerSusan Puren - Television producer and journalistBernelee Daniell - Mom, businesswoman, Miss SA 1995Mimi Coertse - Soprano, Opera singerShemane Harris - Radio and television presenter, MCMandi du Plooy - Actress

Queen of talk - Noeleen Maholwana-SangquSonja Herholdt, singer and motivational speakerAnel Alexander - Actor, Presenter, ProducerMe Gwen Gill - social columnist on Sunday TimesHelenč Bester - Singer, PerformerPhyllis Green - Creative photographerElzabie Zietsman - Actress, Songstress, ChefstressHestrie Els (Cloete) - Sport starMiss SA 2003, businesswoman - Joan Ramagoshi (Madibeng)Business woman - Edith Schwartz (Venter)Lindie van Eeden - Actress

Women are a gift from God 

Treat the women in your life kindly, and with the respect they deserve. 

Not only on Women's day, ... but always.


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