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     Style advice from extraordinary people:


Paul Rothman

TV Presenter (Pasella) and Advocate at SEESA 

Paul Rothman

Short biography  -   Pasella TV presenter since 1999     -     Advocate of the High Court     -     Legal Advisor at SEESA     -     Cosmopolitan Magazine's Sexiest Man 2009     -     Patrick Daniel - Male Model of the Millenium     -     WPKA Thaiboxing World Champion     -     ACER Tecnologies - Brand Ambassador     -     Motivational Speaker.


What are Paul's basic style tips for dressing-up?


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What is the question?


"What are your 3 basic tips for "being ready" to face the world?"

Paul Rothman's answer: 

***   Dress with Purpose:  In other words, consider where you are going, what you are going to do there, and what other practicalities there are (weather, activities, landscape) and dress accordingly. Fashion without functionality is pointless and superficial.  (But, if you are uncertain, rather over-dress than under-dress, for it is much easier (and quicker) to roll up your sleeves and take off your tie than it is to make a suit from twigs.       

***   Wear your clothes, do not let it wear you.  When you simply follow the latest trend without checking to see if it fits your personal taste and appearance, you easily become a fashion victim.  People then tend to see your clothes before they see you, and this is never a good thing. 

***   Remember, clothes does NOT maketh the man.  Man maketh the man.  If you are comfortable in your own skin, you will exude confidence, and then even an old torn T-shirt will look stylish on you.  Besides, if you are comfortable with yourself (and you know yourself) you will in any event only buy clothes that suit your personal taste, so ultimately you become your own personal designer.(Personally I don't like to be too adventurous with colours.  I remain quite neutral (blacks, browns, blues and whites... occasionally some reds) and stick to solids (I don't like stripes, check etc), but I do play around with textures and shape.)

Paul Rothman’s inspiration:

Don't take yourself too seriously, but take seriously what you do. (i.e. Define yourself through your actions, not through your social identity)”     

WEBSITE:         www.warriorcraft.co.za

Paul Rothman

Paul Rothman



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