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 1301 Style-watchers from all over South Africa have nominated 84 individuals, and a shortlist of 42 people was published.   The top 10 candidates were announced on 7 January 2011.  7 407 votes were received.   Thank you to all that participated...



"The best colour in the whole world, is the one that looks good on you..."


Coco Chanel


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  Here are the top 10 candidates for SA Best and Worst dressed Women for 2011 in alphabetical order. You may vote for your favourite.


SA Best dressed woman candidates - 2011:  read the press release

The candidate:

Our comments:

(10th place)  Sonia Booth – Wife of soccer player, Matthew Booth

Me Booth’s attempt to dress for both Summer and Winter with the same gown, peculiarly got her multiple style points this time.  Although a-symmetry should be worn with special care, it has a magical way of distracting without using almost any accessories.

fact:  In 2012, seasons can be mixed up.

(9th place)  Criselda Kananda – Radio personality, businesswoman

Me Kananda proves that fashion belongs to everyone, and not only to a size 0.  Shiny fabrics will take a back seat for a while in 2012 and clever combinations of graphic fabrics (lace and florals) in beautiful bright colours will be around to brighten our days.

fact:  Darker colours make you look slimmer.

(8t hplace)  Wilna Snyman – Actress

Being older does not mean that you are colder.  There comes a time in any woman’s life that certain areas should be closed up and this is a dignified trend to follow in the world of style.  Thankfully, 2012 will see new and brighter colours than ever before.

fact:  Stylish women respect their bodies more.

(7th place)  Hanneli Rupert – Daughter of late Anton Rupert

She may have the entire fashion world to choose from, but when she steps out in public (seldom), she stays with modest and minimalist pieces, creating an elegant ensemble.  Clever investment pieces can be worn again and again and again… no funds required.

fact:  A classy wardrobe does not have to be expensive.

(6th place)  Elma Smit – Supersport presenter (Lady Rugga)

She has the ability to make casual wear look elegantly desirable and sets great trends for a casual combination of comfort and sports.  She makes sport fun to watch and has redefined sexiness by not showing boobs and legs everywhere all of the time! 

fact:  Casual clothes does not license you to be sloppy.

(5th place)  Lalla Hiriyama - Television presenter and MC

Me Hiriyama easily goes from best dressed to worst dressed, and then right back to best dressed in one week.   As an inspiring forward fashionista, she channels from “the ludicrous” (Nicky Minaj and Lady Gaga) to “the elegant” in a blink of the eye.

fact:  Less is not always "more".

(4th place)  Karlien van Jaarsveld – Singer

This girl quickly sang her way into people’s hearts this year, almost without anyone noticing how extraordinary her dress sense is.  There were no theatrics to “get noticed”, only sensually and zesty dressing with great respect for being a woman. 

fact:  Womanhood is a cause for celebration.

(3rd place)  Daniela Barnard – Wife of Christiaan Barnard Jnr

The reason why Me Barnard reminds me so much of her mother in law, Carin Barnard, is that she chooses to wear graceful classics.  This great investment could easily have belonged to Audrey Hepburn from the past, and who will be the lead fashionista in 50 years.

fact:  Classic wardrobe pieces save you money.

(2nd place)  Sarah Theron – Singer, performer

Many can learn how to embrace the fuller figure by just watching what Me Theron does.  She frequently simplifies what she wears.  Of course basic black may be a graceful secret, but her wardrobe success is that she does not pretend to be a size 12.

fact::  Not only a size 10 can be a best dressed woman.

(1st place)  Bonang Matheba – Presenter and Model

Me Matheba is a welcome chameleon in the world of style.  She continues to shake things up by often overdoing and over accessorizing, but gets away with it because of her larger than life personality.  When in doubt if you should add something to your look, simply don’t.

fact:  The same colour from top to bottom can easily make you look taller.


SA Worst dressed woman candidates - 2011:    read the press release

The candidate:

Our comments:

(10th place)  Roxy Louw – Swimwear model

“Happy” printed floral fabrics are a major trend for right now, but are no license to be abused for every single event you attend.  This is one of those looks where you can effortlessly have a mammogram on your way to dinner or just celebrating that you are young and beautiful.

fact:  Comfort is not always a safe choice for the evening.

(9th place)  Babalwa Mneno – Model Businesswoman

In tough economic times, when you choose to wear stockings, you will still have to check if they are not worn out.  Thanks to HRH Catherine Middleton stockings have already made a fantastic comeback, so how about carrying a spare with you when “out” and about?

fact:  If something is broken, throw it far away.

(8th place)  Vanessa Haywood – Actress

This is one of the reasons why feathers should belong in boas and masks and not be worn as a quick fix and a safe choice on/in a gown.  This very unfortunate one-breast-nesting-look cannot be blamed on the photographer .  Thankfully, 2012 will be putting this look to “nest”.

fact:  Breasts should always appear even.

(7th place)  Poppy Ntshongwana – 5fm Presenter

This is exactly why the Wonderbra was invented.  It looks after “Oprah” and “Gayle” when you are having so much fun that you do not have time to care.  I am not even distracted by the enormous clutch, and still wonder why cell phones are always hand-held.

fact:  Support wear is very sexy.


(6th place)  Sashi Naidoo – Model, Businesswoman

Fashion is changing faster than ever in 2012.  But what will never be in fashion (I hope), is that you can wear a shoe publicly that simply does not fit well.  Most straps are there for a reason and the shape of the sole is the shape of the foot size that it is intended for.

fact:  Even (especially) shoes should fit perfectly.

(5th place)  Hildegardt Whites – Soap Actress

One of the reasons why shiny fabrics should remain unused is that it’s unforgiving.  It has an identity of its own and easily devours and outshines what’s beneath.  If this gown was one size smaller and less satiny and inch shorter, maybe… or maybe not.

fact:  Shiny fabrics are not everyone's best friend.

(4th place)  Candice Swanepoel – Victoria Secret model

The hardest thing has been to find images of Me Swanepoel anywhere where she is wearing anything but undergarments/swimwear.  Maybe it is because there isn’t a size smaller than a size 0.  It is a sad day when we stop realizing there is something like “too thin”.

fact:  Being too thin, should not be accentuated.

(3rd place)  Helen Zille – DA leader

Disagreeable Attire is when there simply are too many styles, focuses, fabrics, colours and lengths in one garment.  A bigger no-no is the flip-flops on the red carpet and the gown being longer in front than at the back.  Best is to simplify, and tone it down a notch.

fact:  One style per garment is enough.

(2nd place)  Somizi Mhlongo Choreographer, singer, actor

This is why men should not be allowed to play with their mother’s wardrobes.  If it looks like the curtains from the old State Theatre of Pretoria, it should stay in the old theatre.  Female fashion in 2012 is all about embracing the godly female form and not ridiculing it.

fact.   Clothes may never "hang" like curtains.


(1st place)  Anele Mdoda – 5fm Presenter

The “scatter cushion” fashion does not exist. If your handbag resembles anything else than a handbag, it should be burned.  If a second mirror in your bedroom is not your new “bestie” in 2012, you will also be wearing gowns that are shorter at the back than in front.

fact:  Accessorizing should be heavily sanctioned in 2012.

Thank you to all that participated in the nomination process...  1301 Style-watchers from all over South Africa have nominated 84 individuals.  Here are the top candidates that were eligible for either of the lists for 2011...

Andriette Norman, Marie Botha, Hanelli Rupert, Bokang Montjane, Sorina Erasmus, Anele Mdoda, Bonang Matheba, Candice Swanepoel, Uyanda Mbuli, Claudia Henkel, Charlene Wittstock, Vanessa Haywood, Unathi Msengana, Vicky Davis, Poppy Ntshongwana, Criselda Kananda, Liezel van der Westhuizen, Tammy-Ann Fortuin, Therese Benade, Helen Zille, Zuma’s wives, Sonia Booth, Lika Berning, Somizi Mhlongo, Bianca le Grange, Hildegardt Whites, Wilna Snyman, Rolanda Marais, Elma Smit, Babalwa Mneno, Juanita du Plessis, Sarah Theron, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Daniela Barnard, Lira, Roxy Burger, Lalla Hiriyama, Roxy Louw, Minnie Dlamini, Sashi Naidoo, Nonhle Thema...

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SA Best and Worst dressed women 2011

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