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Bridal bliss...     

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The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresGetting married to a prince and wearing a dream-gown is every little girl’s dream and by being pro-active a bride can have the dream-day of her life. 

Start making these decisions as you continue on this amazing journey, and if you still have trouble deciding, visit our bridal pages or book a consultation

During my years of bridal design I have learned a few tricks that I share willingly with prospective brides today....

The biggest question often is:  should I follow fashion trends or should I hang on to my dream-dress-idea that I have had for so long?  Fashion has a tendency to sometimes dictate what should be done and what not.  Brides should rather look at fashion trends as a guideline and not as a dictation to what should be done and what not.  These guidelines merely indicates what will be easily available in shops.

If you like pearls, wear it!

If you love lace, wear it!

If you love clean lines, wear it.

Do not try and follow fashion-trends at the cost of your dream-gown.  Choose fabrics and colours and especially necklines that are in fashion.

Insist on fitting different styles before you decide what suits you best.

If you have a picture from a magazine of your dream-dress, cut the head of the model off and see if you still like the dress. View our fantastic celebrity bridal pages  

Decide on undergarments before you go for your first dress-fittings.  Undergarments a 100 years ago!

Always take the right shoe heel and –height with when you go for your dress-shopping.

Accept your figure-type and do not force yourself into a style that you know does not work for you.   Figure analysis

Try not to sun-tan or use a sun bed with bathing costumes that have any lines running over your shoulders.  These lines are ugly when seen, especially on wedding photos.

Do not play the matchy-matchy game with your groom.  We did this n the previous millennium.  Allow him to wear what suits him best and try and stay away from bright or décor-colours.

The bride’s mother are setting the dress-standard for your wedding and has to choose first what she is going to wear before the groom’s mother and anyone else.

Remember to take your scrapbook with pictures and ideas with you when you visit your designer for the first time.

Use one or two of your ideas in your gown (the best one or two) and not all of them.

Remember a beautiful, exciting, stylish look will have only one primary focus:    Either the dress, or your bouquet, or your jewelry, or your hairstyle, or…, or…,  and NOT all of it.

Copyright: Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio CC

   During a consultation, our aim is to show you the possibilities of looking your best!   Knowledge is power!   We shamelessly share information with you and enable you to experience the splendour of looking your best at all times!   Should you want this information at hand, at all times, we now have selected information available regarding the following: Wardrobe-planning, Figure analysis, The little black no., How Simon Rademan lost 35kg, and The Elements of Fashion.

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