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The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresThe site mainly caters for women (evening wear and bridal attire), but so many visitors have asked:  What about the men?  What do they wear? and… The men get married too, you know…  Well, for this month’s free article, we asked Mr Rademan to share some valuable information on what men should be looking at when they “dress up”, either for the evening, or when they get married.

“Keep it simple” is the key, Simon says, but dress responsibly.

General tipssuits, fabric, sleeves, shirts, colours, style, lengths, pockets, handkerchiefs, shoes, belts, neckties, pants, cuffs, sunglasses, etiquette, make-up,

  • Remember Colour Power:  Black and shades of red are colours of assertiveness and ability.  (Red for ties, not for suits, gentlemen).   Brown and beige are more relaxed and sociable.  Navy and blue undertones promotes trust and are easy to match with colour, Read more about the meaning of colour on previous articles printed on these pages,  or consult with your favourite stylist, (women in general can be trusted with his information).

  • Analyze your body type Man’s body changes, like everything else in this world.  Although much is always said about women and their figure types, men are not excluded.  You get (a) Inverted triangle, (b) rectangle and (c) rounded men.  Men with broader shoulders can wear structured and strong styles, while men with tummies should wear softer fabrics with less structure.

  • Always try on the suit, before you buy it.   Back to top

  • Touch the fabric.   The texture and the weight should be in balance with your build.  Back to top

  • Short sleeve-shirts do NOT go with suits.  (I am guilty of this).  Back to top

  • More than 3 colours are taboo.  Back to top

  • Perfect jacket length is when it reaches the centre of the palm of your hand.  Back to top

  • Your hands do NOT belong in your pants’ pockets.  Back to top

  • Bulging (of any kind) is not stylish at all.  Back to top

  • Mix and match will always be casual, perfect matching is more formal.  Back to top

  • “Black tie” (to be safe) means:  Black tie!  Back to top

  • A white shirt to a man is like the little black number to a woman.  Back to top

  • Shoes and belts does NOT have to be bought at the same shop!  Back to top 

  • Perfect pants-length:  Only HALF the heel should show from the back.  Back to top

  • Only 2 cm (max) of the shirt-cuff should show from under the jacket-sleeve.  Back to top

  • Neckties are tied: 100% symmetrical.  Back to top

  • Outside pockets causes a peculiar poverty look.  Back to top

  • Bridegroom’s flower points upwards.  The stems should be INSIDE the buttonhole on the lapel.

  • Sunglasses are NOT Alice bands or necklaces.  Back to top

  • Handkerchiefs ar NOT displayed.  Back to top

  • Wear less makeup than your bride.   Back to top

  • Say “Please” and “Thank you”, it opens new doors for a man!  Back to top

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