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Extraordinary women do style talk with Mr Rademan. On these pages, the diversity of true style is persued.

She wants you to study yourself…  She is...

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                                    Me Sarah Cangley - journalist, columnist, blogger

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Glamorous              Elegant              Beautiful Fashion             Evening             Classy              Chic              Original              Designer              Classic

The Style Bible by Simon Rademan


- by Simon Rademan



The Cheek2Chic Online magazine

Cheek2Chic is a luxury high-end society magazine, edited and owned by Sarah Cangley, about everything stylish in South Africa and abroad

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What Me Cangley has to say about style: 

1.STUDY YOURSELF to find out exactly what suits you and what doesn't (colours, shapes, patterns, lengths and whatever is in fashion)and also ask people that you trust what they think suits you. If yellow is not your colour then don't wear it.

Look at your GOOD points and find out exactly what your FLAWS (without beating yourself up about it) are and how to conceal them.

Then dress cleverly, showing up your assets and concealing or distracting from the things you don't like. Take time to go through your wardrobe and play, try putting things together that you didn't think of before. Plan a few outfits in your head that look good together beforehand, so if you are in a hurry you have your look together already

2. Be CLEVER WITH ACCESSORIES. A scarf for example doesn't always have to go around your neck. If it's a small scarf you can be playful, and wrap it around your arm like Sarah Jessica Parker did in Sex and The City. She invented her own style and so can you.  Have some fun!

Accessories are key to a great look. If you belt the same dress with different colour belts or  wear different shoes or layer it with leggings it can look completely different and no one will notice you have the same outfit on.

3. Hang around with STYLISH PEOPLE. Each of them has a secret that they can pass on to you. If you really admire someone's style ask them about it, and don't be afraid to learn from them.

Me Sarah Cangley - journalist, columnist, bloggerStyle is all about expressing yourself, it does not have to look like it came from a magazine or be a copy of your favourite celebrity. Find out who you are and learn to love that person (very stylish). Even if you feel terrible inside you can project a confidence that you do not feel at that particular moment.

Good luck in finding your inner stylishness!

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Short Bio

Sarah Cangley is a gifted journalist who writes interesting freelance stories for various high profile magazines and formerly, the social columnist for Citizen.  She also writes a popular weekly social column called Cheek to Chic where she puts a satirical spin on various indispensable subjects like

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Autumn and the art of the scarf

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