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Extraordinary women do style talk with Mr Rademan - where the questions stay the same ... but the answers don't!

She believes confidence can sell even a black refuse bag!  She is...

Corine du Toit

(Actress) and SA's best dressed woman for 2009   read now    

Corine du Toit - SA best dressed woman 2009 (image from mika stefano)

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Glamorous              Elegant              Beautiful Fashion             Evening             Classy              Chic              Original              Designer              Classic

The Style Bible by Simon Rademan


- by Simon Rademan


A web exclusive on style:  "Tips" and "Tricks" from Corine du Toit - Actress and SA Best dressed woman 2009

A thank you - "Firstly, it is a great honour to have been voted number one on the Best Dressed list and I want to thank everyone who voted and gave me such a good start to 2010!  Being in the public eye can be very daunting as one is always subjected to lots of opinion and criticism. I am sure there are people out there that think my dress sense stinks, but fortunately for me, they didn't vote, or didn't vote enough..."

About style - "For me, style has always been about wearing outfits that makes me feel beautiful, it doesn't necessarily have to be trendy - if I feel confident in it; I have a winner. I believe confidence can sell even a black refuse bag. Wearing the most beautiful creation on earth and fidgeting and feeling uncomfortable in it, does not only do injustice to the dress but it won't leave anyone breathless in my wake either."

Favourite items of clothing - "Iíve also come to trust in those basic, good quality items, wardrobe planners always go on about... I think they might have a point. I canít tell you how many times the little black dresses in my wardrobe have saved the day (or night) or that pair of  well fitting black pants, and donít forget the high-quality white shirt - nothing looks as fresh and stylish as this easy-to-throw-on item."

The trick is... - "I do aim to dress somewhat fashionably at times and a little trick Iíve discovered... accessories! And the best part of accessorizing instead of replacing my entire wardrobe every few months? Obvious, I know; it hints at being fashion forward without breaking the bank!  I can instantly update any outfit with a scarf in the latest trendy colour or by adding catwalk inspired earrings, bracelets, shoes and handbags to a basic outfit for an immediate update. And of course, my personal favourite, hats! I love what a hat can do to an outfit; I can go from French flair to Sienna Miller grunge with the flick of a wrist!"

On mistakes - "I donít in any way feel skilled enough to give advice on style; I have definitely made some faux pasí in fashion and Iím sure there will still be a few to come, so if I have to give my opinion; by loving clothes and having fun with it wonít get you executed (maybe just scrapped off the list.)"

About designers - "I want to sign off by expressing my gratitude to all our talented South African designers; you inspire me with your courage, panache and flair. Thanks to your creative works of art, I get to reap the benefits and rewards, and without you, I might have had to wear that black refuse bag after all!"  

Much love

Corine xxx  Visit her site

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