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Wedding dress:  Tips and Tricks     

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Model Krezaan Schoeman consulting with designer Simon Rademan, image by Cecil TheronWedding dress:  tips and tricks

The search for the perfect wedding dress could be an abso-fashion-lute experience, or it can turn out to be extremely traumatic and even overwhelming.  Therefore, today’s article about wedding dress shopping is kept short, because I am going to help you keep it simple and stress-free.

  • There are as many different kinds of brides, as there are women walking the earth.  You do not have to conform to any style that you are not comfortable with, be it traditional or not.

  • You will be wearing the gown for up to 8 hours and even longer – not your mother or best friend who might be your advisor.  Find something that works for your own figure.

  • Some girls start shopping for their wedding gown when they are 5 years old, and some start the exact day when they find THE man in their lives. Whatever the case:  Give yourself time to plan.  The general rule with most designers are around 3-6 months before the time. 

  • The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresOf course you want to look astonishing on your wedding day, but although “beauty sometimes knows no pain”, you still have to breathe and be comfortable.  The most important is that you feel beautiful.

  • On our celebrity bridal pages you will see some brides have no end to their means, but if you have a limited budget, just remember that in the design world, “more…” is always more.  So try to keep your needs fundamental.  Gowns can be bought off the rack, specially designed, rented, borrowed, and even themed to fit your fantasy.  There is no rule!

  • Know your figure, and acknowledge your personal style, e.g. if you are going to be waving your arms about vigorously during dancing:  stay away from a strapless look.

After more than two decades in this fantastic industry, I may have all the answers you may need and know exactly what suits you best, and of course we welcome your call for an appointment, or advice…


You have to remember that it remains YOUR wedding day.  You should live out your dream.

Enjoy the incredible journey!  (contact us)

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