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Choose the right bra     

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MAXimise your impact!    How to choose the right bra:  

South African fashion designer and style director, Simon Rademan, tells us how to make that ‘push up’ effect even more stylish!  

After 21 years of dressing the fairer sex in fairytale creations, I decided to visit a respected underwear shop in the Cape. I was on a mission to establish exactly how bras are chosen, and how measurements are taken for the perfect fit. Luckily, the two ladies working there know me well and immediately confirmed that “So many women simply don’t know how, and make lots of mistakes when looking for the ‘perfect fit’”. “. . . what you actually want to achieve is that ‘va va voom’ that makes him weak at the knees . . .” they laugh, giving the following advice:  

Steps 1-5   Just for fun

The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresStep 1: Take your measurements like this: (a) Most measurements are still given in inches and refer to your ribcage just under the breasts. (b) For the cup size, you can try on your existing bras and decide which one is most comfortable. (Not the one that pushes your breasts up the most, but the one that fits your existing form the best). This gives you 32, 34, 36, etc. (in inches, around the ribcage) and an A, B or C, etc. (the physical size of the breasts).

Step 2: If 34C is your size, you could also try on a 36B, but not a 32A. The band shouldn’t be too tight as this may cause unflattering lines which are visible through your clothes.

Step 3: Try on a wide variety of bras. I’ve always said that if you find one to fit, you should buy a few of them! If you decide to follow this advice, make sure that the style suits your blouse or whatever you’re wearing over the bra. Underwear is exactly that: UNDER wear, and should preferably remain invisible.

Step 4: Different makes fit differently which means that if you change brands, you’ll need to try the bras on again for size.

Step 5: If you were measured more than two years ago, get measured by a professional again as a woman’s body changes over time.

Try the following . . . just for fun!

  • Wear your push up bra with a slightly more daring neckline than usual.
  • Pull the fastener lower so that, even if only for a moment, breasts look younger and firmer.

  • Wear a delicate, shiny necklace as close to the ‘twins’ as you can get away with. 

  • Don’t underestimate the power of make-up: a bit of blush between the breasts in one shade darker than your skin tone will make them look healthier.

  • Maintain the correct posture: Stand or sit upright, pull your stomach in and push your ribcage out.

So there you have it. That’s what the experts say . . . I’m simply reporting their recommendations.  Previous articles

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