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 The symbolic truth behind colour     

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The meaning of colourOur personalities are shaped by 'what we say', 'how we project ourselves' and 'our reaction to information'. 

The colour that we wear can also add to this and often says a lot more than we think. Here are some information about colour, and the meaning thereof, that can help you bring a non-verbal message across.

The meaning of the colour "white"WHITE is soft and sophisticated and could create a cold and clinical look when used for interior decorating.  It remains a very popular colour for bridal gowns, because of it resembles serenity.  

The meaning of the colour "purple"PURPLE is the official colour of royalty because of its luxuriousness.  It shows that you are imaginative - avoid wearing this colour too often if you do not want to look eccentric.

The meaning of the colour "red"The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresRED shows self-confidence and should be avoided if you do not want to come across as too dominant.

The meaning of the colour "pink"PINK is extremely feminine, but leaves one with a weak and a dependent image.  I rather find it calming, and representative of love and faithfulness.

The meaning of the colour "lavender"LAVENDER  has the ability to express imagination and romance....

The meaning of the colour "blue"BLUE is associated with depth and stability, it shows that you are responsible and deep blue shows authority.  People might think that you are predictable, and with this much trust is gained.

The meaning of the colour "yellow"YELLOW is one of the happiest colours, it comes across as very optimistic and will draw a lot of attention, Avoid this colour if you do not want to seem impulsive, but wear it if you'd like to pass on energy...

The meaning of the colour "green"GREEN sends the message of independence and should be avoided if you do not want so seem stubborn.  It also symbolizes growth and harmony...

The meaning of the colour "grey"GREY is smart and professional and shows a balanced person, but tends to make you look conservative.

The meaning of the colour "orange"ORANGE is also a very happy colour like yellow.  It belongs to someone that is enthusiastic, and although it often sends a message of one being superficial it conveys warmth. 

This may not be the beginning, nor the end of non verbal communication, but it certainly helps if you want to make the right kind of statement with your chosen outfit. 

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Have an abso-fashion-lutely amazing time with trends this coming season...

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