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The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresAbso-fashion-lutely trends at the 79th Oscar’s (79th Academy Awards)

  • Any colour under the sun was worn by celebrities…

  • Neckpieces were few…

  • Bracelets were big…

  • Lots of mermaid-lines and empire-lines...

  • Natural hairstyles…

  • Evening dresses had trains galore…                                           

Mistakes?   Oh yes!   Scroll down for images and advice...

 This picture and more, on

Jennifer Hudson (in Oscar de la Renta) shot into the space age with a jacket that came from nowhere, …and I hope it is not going anywhere. I abso-fashion-lutely did not like this ensemble.  Why hide her most beautiful asset – her neckline, or cover an otherwise beautifull dress?  Maybe she realised this because apparently she was the first to get changed for the celebration afterwards. 


This picture and more, on

Kirsten Dunst (in Chanel) got out of the "nest" and was still busy plucking when the show started.  There was just too much going on …everywhere …anywhere…  Always plan a focal point on your outfit, Me Dunst.  "Either ...or..." is the solution.


This picture and more, on

Celine Dion (James Galanos from Lillie et Cie) grabbed the wrong handbag (Gold in stead of Silver).  I loved the colour and the simplicity of the design, but struggle with the the silver and/or gold "trend" (big?).  I believe in undertones matching.


 This picture and more, on

Rinko Kikuchi (in Chanel Haute Couture) neglected to disguise her bony neckline.  A small pendant or jewelry piece would have done the trick.  She did redeem herself from what happened at the Golden Globes where she wore a Poodle-like pink garment, also by Chanel.

 This picture and more, on

Cameron Diaz (in Valentino) confused me with a very wrong and very “hard” neckline and another space look appearing (not on photo).  Looks like this dress was left next to the laundry bin the night before, forgetting that she was on her way to the Oscars. The front is completely freaking me out.  It is shorter, equally hard on the eye and it makes me long for Me Diaz in a softer look, lighter hair.  We dare not blame Justin Timberlake for this.

 This picture and more, on

Penelope Cruz (in Atelier Versage) must have forgotten her stilleto’s.  I adore this dress, but it was by far too heavily bottomed ( a complete mess down there...) for such a petite woman.  Where were the “bridesmaids”?  This creates the "borrowed" look.  Me Cruz is shorter than average measurements for model garments suggests.  If she did buy this dress, I am sure Me Donatella from Versage would have suggested to have the hemline shortened.

 This picture and more, on

Jennifer Lopez (in Marchesa) opted for the maternity-look, and also forgot to have the hem-line shortened or is she finally sinking?   I was mesmerized by the Jewelled neckline.   Although this line often works for bigger hips, one should take special care not to use tooooo much fabric at he bottom, or use a colour that is too light.  Remember dark colours make smaller.

 This picture and more, on

I have nothing against Cate Blanchet’s gown (in Armani Privé), just have a thing against a tummy and upper leg in a shiny fabric.  Me Blanchet gets away with this because of her beautiful posture and almost flawless figure.

  This picture and more, on

Gwynneth Paltrov (in Zac Posen) calmed me down with a soft bodyhugging masterpiece.  I struggle a bit with the additional "criss-cross" above the "could have been more enhanced" bust-line, but the overall look is captivating.  I'm not so sure if the colour suits her. 

 This picture and more, on

Nicole Kidman (in Balenciaga) enchanted with an improved “Charlize Theron”-bow in the most beautiful red colour that I have seen in a long long time.  This design is simple, uncomplicated and presents Me Kidman with another enigmatic look.

 This picture and more, on

Reese Witherspoon (in Nina Ricci) represented divorced women remakably. I am awestruck by this design … the most beautiful complimenting colour in a well-designed haute couture design that is abo-fashion-lutely flawless.  Short people should stick to one colour from top to bottom for a longer look, but Me Whitherspoon gets away with this easily because of the diagonal lines.

 This picture and more, on

Dame Helen Mirren (in Christian Lacroix).  This woman is putting 20 year-old girls to shame.  Her figure, her style, her overall look just wows me every time I see her.  The "nude"-look that is highfashion this season proves to work for women "of a certain age" as well. There was abso-fashion-lutely nothing wrong with her representation.   (Have not met her, but will …soon!

Just pretty and ordinary, but classy was:  Emily Blunt, Beyoncé and several others.

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