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Prêt-à-porter gowns
The wedding gowns and  bridal fashions on these pages have been designed by South African bridal designer and stylist, Simon Rademan, and was published by leading South African magazines.  We are based in Pretoria, South Africa

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Fairlady Bride, gloves by Simon Rademan, Production by Isabella Niehaus, Photography by Johan Wilke

    in Fairlady BRIDE, Production:  Isabella Niehaus, Photography Johan Wilke    In Sarie BRUID, Fashion by Amaria Carstens, Photo by Milan Cronje

in True Love BRIDE, Fashion by Isabella Niehaus, Photography:  Inge Prins

   in True Love BRIDE, Fashion by Isabella Niehaus, Photographer:  Inge Prins







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     Top by Simon Rademan, Photographer:  Patrick Toselli and Henrique Wilding, Photo:  bride24,     Sarie BRUID, fashion by Amaria Carstens, photo by Milan Cronje      True Love BRIDE, fashion by Isabella Niehaus, photo by Inge Prins    Mandi du Plooy - The Big Day featured in Rooi Rose

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...with a sincere thank you to the following magazines and newspapers which I have worked with in the past and will continue to do so in the future. (The visuals on this site have been taken from articles and photoshoots printed in the following):
Sarie Bruid, Fair Lady Bride, True Love Bride, Fair Lady, Finesse, Wedding Collection, You, Huisgenoot, Drum, Cosmopolitan, True Love, Marie-Claire, Rooi Rose, Sarie, DeKat, Women's Value, Keur, Beeld, Rapport, Sunday Times, The Sowetan, SA Fusion...


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