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Press Release/an extended introduction:

Celebrating 24 years:  South African fashion designer and stylist, Simon Rademan

As one of South Africa’s leading fashion, style, and etiquette gurus, Simon Rademan’s contribution to the art of style and true couture is legendary.  Recently named an icon and a legend in this country's industry, he continues to inspire women of all shapes and sizes to love and respect themselves, and to share that feeling with anyone and everyone around them. The designs and creations of this proud citizen and businessman of Tshwane have graced the catwalks of South Africa on hundreds of occasions, as he has entertained, shared his mystical, magical vision, and led in a way that encourages individuals to follow. 

As a contributor to leading newspapers, magazines, radio and the internet, including City Press, Sunday Times, Marie Claire, Rooi Rose, Jacaranda, Radio 702, and Media 24, to mention but a few, his opinion has had a profound influence on style and fashion in South Africa, while his designs have graced numerous front covers of leading South African magazines.  His influence is underlined by his numerous appearances on television for prestigious programs such as Kwela, Top Billing and Pasella, and by his contribution to the annual SA best- and Worst-dressed list.  His input into foreign networks such as Sky News, and his wedding dress design for international supermodel Oluchi, featured on the cover of True Love magazine (amoungst many others), has established him as a proud ambassador for his city and his country in the field of fashion design. 

His lecturing in design, millenary, etiquette, modelling and beading has shaped and moulded the ideas of a generation of young designers, and he participated on an advice committee for the University of Tshwane.  Rademan has served as a talent and beaty scout, judged and dressed for numerous competitions, including Miss SA, Miss Deaf SA, Fashion Television (ftv) beach model search, and various other modeling competitions, thereby bringing his expertise and valuable experience to these benchmark events on the South African fashion scene.  His involvement in charities and for causes such as organ donation, cancer, the deaf, epilepsy, missing children and animal rights are eloquent expression of his care and concern for society’s vulnerable. 

Most recently he designed eleven cultural outfits for “The Rainbow Nation Bears Banquet” presented by De Beers in aid of the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital, an event which raised over R1 million for various projects, including the building of a world-class Trauma Unit at he hospital.  As the creator of designs for the South African Ballet Theatre Company, and as design outfitter for a trilogy by Kookoo Productions, his artistic influence has been brought to bear in the artistic disciplines of ballet and drama.  His unique wedding gowns have enriched the lives of 3000 brides in 24 years, while his stylish and sophisticated creations complement to perfection the beauty and elegance of countless South African celebrities, too numerous to mention.  He was also afforded the prestigious opportunity to be the designer for the FIFA draw (and the launch of), broadcasted to 87 countries worldwide. 

Simon Rademan’s style and pizzazz make him a true ambassador for South Africa.

More history and biography:  the early years

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History and Biography of Simon Rademan

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