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Winter secrets discovered     

These articles are protected by copyright: Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio CC  Media request for an interview   Disclaimer:  I do not proclaim to be an authority on any of the subjects I write about.  I merely share my experiences with those who wish to learn from it, or just read about it.  Please contact us should you have additional information or information that proves otherwise. I am not the designer of any of the gowns that are published on this page, nor have I made them, or photographed them,  I, like so many others before and after me only draw inspiration from the beauty of life.

In this month’s article, we asked South African fashion designer and stylist, Simon Rademan, to reveal some of the upcoming winter’s wardrobe secrets.


Fashion does not always reflect our personal style, but true style remains our personal choice.  We, nevertheless, aim to keep you updated and advised on the fascinating fashion trends and fashion fads.  Enjoy…


I will keep it simple:   there are so much to choose from, but economic times are tough for everyone.  So, this is one 2009 winter secret:  keep your purchases to the minimum and shop wisely amoungst the other suggested ones!

The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresPut a dress on!  -   Dresses are hugely in demand!  For women and girls alike!  Almost every shape is welcome!  Straight down J, a-line, pleated in the waist, and even full skirts might see the light of commercial fashion.  Although I personally prefer less fabric in these tough economic times, the trend slowly surfaces to be more opulant.  “Puffy” is almost the word that comes to mind.

Bank your assets and “assets”   -   Dress smart by banking the money you save.  Make sure that what you buy can be worn to several (and different) occasions, and that it will stay in your wardrobe longer … and of course have the advantage of showing off your personal assets.  Rather buy less, but buy quality, better-fitting clothes, and smoother finishing.  This might also be called “investment dressing”.

Stay ahead   -   You might know by now that fashion repeats itself more often now than in the 1900’s, to 1950’s, to 1990’s.  Anything is in and almost nothing is out, so look at the direction fashion took when your mother was younger, look at what is in magazines now, and find out what followed that.  You’ll be the envy of fashionistas before you know it!

Recreate “classic”   -   Keep it uncomplicated, take longer to shop but find something “classic”.  Find that item with an edge, that “something” different, a pattern piece that is cut different than ever before.  Detaille that catches your eye.  …Or the siplest style but with interesting design where you want to have attention focussed.

Draw “high” attention   -   The attention is not on the hem, the shoes, the waist - it is wonderfully “high” this season.  The scarf is back!  Even tie a bow! The attention will be on collars and necklines!   Necklines and collars of coats, jackets, dresses.  Do not be too aware of figure issues with this one.  This one is for everyone!  All women will benefit!  J

You can choose…   -   It started last year, but this year, it is your “must buy” winter item:  a polo-neck sweater!  There is much talk internationally of a biker jacket, You will see many wear it, but I doubt if this would be a Simon Rademan item!  I am yet to come across a stylish one…

Yeeaaye for skirts   -   Pants for women, I am sad to say, are here to stay.  Even the skinny pants, and the “flare-to-the-bottom” ones, and the latest fad:  sequined denims!! L ….   BUT, you will not waste a single cent if you move toward skirts.  They are becoming longer (below the knee) and fuller (pleats in the waist.  Definitely a return to chic and feminine dressing.

Viva Africa!   -   I can safely say:  We have finally influenced international trends.  Play around with animal prints, but stay with a single item:  either this… or either that…  This is an abso-fashion-lutely fact, like with denim, although it is big in fashion, let others go big with it.  “Small” will last longer in your wardrobe…

Go Tomato   -   Every winter, we hear the same thing:  oh red is big, red is big!  Even I am guilty of that, but hear me:  This year it a specific red that is big!  Tomato red.  It definitly is not dull, it is deep and ironically cool!  It does not have a yellow undertone and leads more toward a blue undertone.  

Let other “peek”   -   In fashion-way-past we had the “peek-a-boo” fad, and it is back.  No, not the Marie-Claire-Christina-Minki-kind-of-peek-a-boo, the classy way of revealing flesh:  a slightly more closed neckline, with a keyhole slit, or sheer fabrics on the neckline and very open back, etc.  A fantastic way to show off femininity, and to be extremely sensual, and be described even as “sexy”, but without opening Pandora’s box! 

Keep it real   -   Knitwear brings ample texture and interesting revelations to the coming season.  I am not a fan of this but I understand how necessary this will be for your fashionable wardrobe.   It often hides a multitude of sins.  If not worn loosely, it reveals everything a stylish woman do not want to reveal.  So, be careful when choosing a style.  Buy one size too big, if you do not look like a crown-wearer, and read the washing instructions.  This item in your wardrobe always looses shape, becomes extremely comfortable (yes, comfortable J and L) and should eventually only be worn in-house.   Please…

Make statements   -   Fashion has more choices and styles and sizes than ever in fashion history, so do not be shy to choose.  This period will go down in fashion history as “statement” year, but please, please, rather make a best dressed statement when you’re out with friends and/or seen in public, because someone will always be watching!

Copyright: Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio CC

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