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The style masters predict:  fashion 2008 - 2009     

These articles are protected by copyright: Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio CC  Media request for an interview   Disclaimer:  I do not proclaim to be an authority on any of the subjects I write about.  I merely share my experiences with those who wish to learn from it, or just read about it.  Please contact us should you have additional information or information that proves otherwise.

The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresFashion, Mode, Facioné, Feshene, Moda, Mod, 2008/2009

Whichever language you speak …and wherever you are in this world, the desire to be fashionable and dressed stylishly correct is always present.   If you'd like to be fashionably equipped and stylishly ready for 2008/2009, we have your inspiration and information right here... continue reading    read a different article

Be inspired by anything and everything.   or    Be inspired by the masters.

Influences come from everywhere in the entire universe, and yet, fashion dies the minute you wear it.  The subsequent time it is referred to as “so last year” , and by the 3rd or fourth time,  the clothes you wear have almost become “vintage”. The only constant is “true style” and to help you achieve that, I will share information about the 7 elements of fashion with you.  The secret is to identify these categories and, if you choose sparsely from these elements (say 2 or 3 at a specific time), you can be “in fashion” this coming 2008/2009 season, AND remain stylishly correct.  If all 7 (and even more) is applied simultaneously, you might be referred to as freaky and even be wasting your money faster than you think.

To keep it simple; fashion consists of Colour, Texture, Fabric, Cut, Lengths, Accessories, and Silhoettes.  When you combine these individual characteristics, you create your own individual look, and THAT is what is really “IN” fashion for the 2008/2009 look.  Be yourself; take from fashion what suits you best and project individuality.  Be inspired by everything and anything!

The greatest designers in the world take this into account when creating new runway collections, and each designer will project his favourite category by exaggerating his individual fancy.  This endless, mystical ballet of talented geniuses continues to dream up a magical world that infatuates and displays.  We aspire to this vast desire for the “new”, by simply asking:  What should we wear this coming season?  Well, this is what you do for 2008/2009:

Choose your muse, and be inspired by the masters!

Alexander McQueen, Balmain, Christian Dior, Christian Lacroix, Simon Rademan, Christophe Decamin, Givenchy, John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld, Kenzo, Riccardo Tisci, Stefano Pilati, Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent,  read a different article.

Although Mr Yves Saint Laurent passed away this year, he leaves a legacy that will continue to inspire many fashionistas.   Stefano Pilati perpetuated Mr Laurent’s idea of elegance and enchanted with his precisely sliced silhoettes predicted for 2008/2009.

For Christian Dior, Mr John Galliano used images of Me Jacky Kennedy and Me Audrey Hepburn in their newest collection, almost copying the look, but injecting more modern fabrics.  For his own label he was inspired by Art Deco images, bright colours, sheerness and weightlessness of fabrics.

Mr Karl Lagerfeld (for Chanel) had fun demistifynig the classics:  His coats are longer, his jackets have belts, and asymmetric detail adorns his satin evening gowns.  And for his own label, he embreced the non colours: black and white, which he loves so much.

Mr Cristian Lacroix have opted to stay with couture, and experimented with balloon sleeves, cowl backs, ruffles, and combining the colours: fuchsia and old gold.

Kenzo’s muse, Sayoko, (actor, dancer and artist who was the first image of the Kenzo house) inspired a range that is rich in reminiscence, sumptuous in colours, and his shapes and volumes recalled the kimono.

Mr Valentino retired, but successor Allessandra Faschinetti proved that the only constant should be change.  Lines are softer and shapes are rounder, and now, for the more contemporary fashion addics.

Christophe Decamin (at Balbain) launched the shorter than short mini, and predicted that gowns will really “hug” the body this coming season. Tight pants, tank tops, tuxedo spencers and printed jeans sizzled on the runway.

Silks and chiffon will be embellished by ruffles and frills at Givenchy.  Mr Riccardo Tisci (Head designer for Givenchy) had just been to Spain and brought back to fashion, the black graphic silhoettes that recall the great nobility of Spain.

Alexander McQueen paid tribute to Norman Hartnell and Hardy Ajimes, the designers of the 1950’s wardrobe of Elizabeth the 2nd.  He remembered the Victorian era and used antique jewellery, bustiers and empire waistlines.

At Simon Rademan, we will celebrate femininity in 2008/2009, full length, flowing gowns in textured combinations and “happy” colours…  We will remain chic, re-invent elegance, project true style, but inspire strength and rediscover romance… where women will be women again, …and men will be men!  

So, be it the colour, or the cut, or the fabric, or whatevever catches your eye, apply what suits you best.  And have fun.  Fashion has always been here.  It is yours … IF you want it!

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