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Do you want to be "a best dressed guest"?     

These articles are protected by copyright: Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio CC  Media request for an interview  Disclaimer:  I do not proclaim to be an authority on any of the subjects I write about.  I merely share my experiences with those who wish to learn from it, or just read about it.

The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresHeading to a wedding but have nothing to wear? Here's the lowdown on wedding fashion etiquette.  Well-known Pretoria designer, stylist and fashion guru Simon Rademan has some advice:  Mr Rademan has been an advocate for true style for almost 2 decades, and is a vehement believer that "fashion" belongs to all.  "True style, however, only belongs to a selected few." says Rademan. 

"...and yes! I enjoy being a best dressed guest..."

General guidelines    Black and white    Advice for men    For the mothers    Hats    Second weddings

I am going to a wedding soon, and have no idea what to wear.  Do you have some general guidelines when attending a wedding? - Catherine Haley

The most important thing to remember is that it's the bride's big day and you shouldn't overshadow her.  Wear something that's flattering, appropriate for your age and in line with the dress code or formality of the event (often indicated in the invitation).

Contact the hostess (usually the mother of the bride) if you're not sure. Avoid floor-length outfits for a daytime wedding (ankle- or knee-length is more appropriate).  Although weddings are more relaxed affairs nowadays, you shouldn't be too casually dressed.  Be the best-dressed guest, rather than the sloppiest one.  And never put your underwear on display.

I  went to my best friend's wedding last month and, believe me, I was the ONLY one wearing colour!  Everybody was wearing black and/or white (and it was not a theme-wedding...) - Jackie du Toit

Black is no longer regarded as a sign of mourning. Many women prefer to wear black to a wedding (particularly if it's an evening affair) because it always looks smart. White is still the most popular choice for wedding dresses and should be respected as the 'bride's colour'. Bear in mind that darker colours are slimming, while lighter colours have precisely the opposite effect.

My husband refuses to wear a suit, do you have advice for men? - Deidre Longhurst

As a sign of respect for the bridal couple, men should wear a jacket and tie, no matter what time of day. You can take off the jacket later if it's very hot, but keep it on hand in order to look polished. You can loosen your tie, or preferably take it off once the dancing starts or the wedding cake has been cut.  

I am a mother of the bride -to-be.  Do I decide what to wear or should I be told what to wear by my daughter? - Annatjie Mostert

What was first:  the egg or the chicken?  Well, let your daughter decide what colour she wants to have as the theme, and try and tone in.  If you "play your cards right", she will choose a colour that suits you.  Colour themes are about the shades of it, and not the exact colour.  The order in which the 'women of the day' decide what to wear is: the bride, the mother of the bride, then the mother of the groom. The mothers set the tone for the occasion and must be well dressed.

Take the colour scheme of the wedding into account and choose a shade of that colour that suits you. If you feel that it really doesn't suit you, you could always wear it as an accessory or accent colour. For evening weddings, a well-cut full-length outfit is the in thing, while something soft such as ankle-length chiffon would be appropriate during the day.

I hate hats, do I have to wear a hat if it is a morning wedding? - Diana Sieberhagen

A hat remains the height of elegance if it's the right style and shape for the occasion. It is however a luxury accessory and you are unlikely to wear it again in a hurry.

Consider where and when the wedding is being held when deciding on a hat. Hats are appropriate for daytime weddings held outdoors, not for indoor evening nuptials. If you decide to wear a hat, keep your hairstyle simple so that you can take it off for the reception.

I am getting married for the second time - heeelp! - Juanita Winner

There are no rules for second weddings, except to take your fiancé (who may be marrying for the first time) into account and to remember that you don't want to be embarrassed by your wedding photos. A veil is optional even the first time around, and white is perfectly acceptable.

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