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Change your old "stuff"     

These articles are protected by copyright: Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio CC  Media request for an interview  Disclaimer:  I do not proclaim to be an authority on any of the subjects I write about.  I merely share my experiences with those who wish to learn from it, or just read about it.

The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresSouth African fashion designer and stylist, Simon Rademan, was the nationwide winner of the Sanlam/Volksblad most innovative designer and the winning ensemble was well documented. This Ambassador of Invention has multiple ideas on how to make old stuff new, or: change the look of your favourite wardrobe item and wear it as new.  We asked Mr Rademan to share some information on how you could be the envy of the event you are attending, the moneysaver of the year, or become a leader in “how to…”

       "After almost 2 decades in the industry, I appreciate how blessed I am to be working with amazing women:  styling, designing, and making exquisite gowns.   Having a gown designed by a professional, has proved to be an extremely rewarding experience to my exclusive clientele, but not anyone can afford it.  Even I have to constantly invent different ways to wear a previously used item, eg. a tie, … or which kind of black I am going to wear:  shiny…? Matt…? Textured…? see-through….?  And as everybody knows:  it HAS to be black J .  But contrary to that, I adore working and designing with almost any colour of the rainbow, and every now and then, it is well worth it to take a favourite piece from your existing wardrobe and transform it."

This should just be just the beginning of your journey to discovery.  There are so many ways how to alter the appearance of an item.  Think of accessories like jewelry, necklaces, broaches…   Here’s how you can save lots of money:

  Take a very simple neckline:  and add a broach or a neck-scarf - or a choker...
  Add a cowl (a piece of fabric, cut on the bias) and attach it with a broach or clothing pin.
  Add sleeves – (3 bought motives from any fashionable haberdashery shop – ready to use)
  Add detaille – Experiment with beading techniques (many books available on the subject at eg. craft-shops) – Do it on lace for easy removal.

  Add a collar – (A little more advanced – but well worth the effort) 

… or of course:  contact us to have your next exclusive evening gown or wedding dress designed.    

Copyright: Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio CC
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During a consultation, our aim is to show you the possibilities of looking your best!   Knowledge is power!   We shamelessly share information with you and enable you to experience the splendour of looking your best at all times!   Should you want this information at hand, at all times, we now have selected information available regarding the following: Wardrobe-planning, Figure analysis, The little black no., How Simon Rademan lost 35kg, and The Elements of Fashion. 

Fashion has always been here.
It is yours…if you want it!


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This month’s free article (archive)

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