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  Miss South Africa     

Do you want to wear the most sought after crown, and become Miss South Africa? 

Then contact Me Lorna Potgieter...

          PROUD ANNOUNCEMENT:     Miss SA 2010 winner (Bokang Montjane) as well as two other ladies that placed in the Top 5 of the Miss SA 2010 Pageant… AND … Two of Miss SA Teen 2010’s top 3 all attended the 2010 Sandton workshop last year

          WORKSHOP with Miss SA and Miss SA Teen:     The 2011 Gauteng Miss South Africa/Miss SA Teen/Model/Self Improvement Workshop was held  on SUNDAY 5th June 2011 at THE SANDTON SUN HOTEL (Maroela Room).  10 am to 3.30pm. .

          Speakers included:     Our reigning Miss SA and Miss SA Teen, Bokang Montjane and Mikaela Oosthuizen, as well as several other Former Miss SA’s, celebrities, radio personalities, agents and leading model- and beauty-professionals.

Topics covered at the workshop included:

  • Pageant Preparations

  • What to expect and what is expected of you as a model/pageant contestant

  • The Important role and responsibilities of a title holder

  • Completing your entry form/entry photos correctly and professionally

  • Public Speaking, Introductions, Interviews and Media

  • Examples of questions that may be asked and tips to answer/impress judges

  • Your Modeling agency and their role: tips on castings, portfolio, Z-Card, etc

  • Ramp & Stage / Up-dated Model Techniques

  • Importance of Style/Image/Dressing Correctly

  • First Impression: ‘You never get a second chance to make a first impression’

  • Etiquette/Manners

  • Grooming: Make-up, Beauty and Hair Tips

  • Professionalism & Attitude

  • Advice from ‘Miss SA Office’ as well as the ‘Miss SA Scouts’

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For Enquiries:  Lorna Potgieter-Rossetti

(Former Miss SA)  083 300 4444

Fax no:  0866 11 7210         OR     e-mail:


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