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 Wedding traditions     

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Wedding traditions (Customs)  Why is Simon Rademan an authority on this?

Many traditions (customs) have formed over the years because of superstition.  The Romans, the Greeks, the Victorians…. And many more cultures contributed to what is generally known today as South African (and mainly western) bridal traditions.

Traditionally, it was the bride’s parents who had to organize and pay for the wedding.  The good news is that times have definitely changed.  It is more common today for both sets of parents to contribute or even for couples to pay for everything themselves.  back to homepage  read the rest

Bouquets worn by brides and bridesmaids were originally posies of herbs, carried to ward off evil spirits.

Wedding gowns used to be black, brown, and darker colours.  White weddings were an invention of the Victorians – more than a century ago.   Before then, brides simply wore their best “Sunday” dress to get married in, sometimes with a white ribbon attached to symbolize purity.

Covering a bride’s face with a veil, were also thought to chase away evil spirits, who would in turn be confused by not being able to see the bride. 

It is thought to be good fortune to kiss one on the way to the ceremony.

The wedding ring is traditionally roundshaped, and symbolizes never-ending love. It's thought that the earliest Egyptians started the practice of wearing one on the third finger of the left hand - they believed that the vein In that finger ran straight to the heart.

The bridegroom traditionally stands to the right hand side of the bride.  In the old days, the man might have had to rescue his bride from attempted kidnappings (I almost said hijickings), and therefor had to have his right hand free (-to make use of his weapon of choice).

Throwing confetti has its roots in the Roman era. Guests would throw almonds at newlyweds to symbolize a fruitful marriage.

Cutting the wedding cake at a wedding was once thought to also guarantee a fruitful marriage.  Keeping a piece of cake is supposed to promise that your husband stays faithful.

Putting a piece of wedding cake under your sleeping pillow at night, can make you dream about your future husband.

Wedding receptions have their roots in the medieval period, when the groom had to demonstrate that he could support his wife by giving gifts of food and drink to his in-laws. Some African tribes (the man) pays labola to his future in-laws.

The honeymoon gets its name from the tradition of newlyweds, drinking honeyed mead (a symbol of life and fertility) until the waning of the moon.

…and the principal custom of all (If you'd like to be traditional):

  • “Something old”   -   from the bride's side (a happy memory) before she gets married.

  • “Something new”   -   Hapiness and success.

  • “Something borrowed”   -    Prosperity.

  • “Something blue”  -   Purity.           back to homepage

Disclaimer:  I do not proclaim to be an authority on any of the subjects I write about.  I merely share my experiences with those who wish to learn from it.

Simon Rademan is widely known for his beautiful wedding gown designs, and has reinvented bridal attire for countless brides.  He is a fine ambassador for style and will continue to inspire those who want to dress well.   He has been asked at numerous occasions what inspires him, and his answer was simple.  “My client gives the framework, and I paint the picture.  Life is full of traditions, so why not celebrate its luxury with the freedom it offers?"      Back to top       Read article

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