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The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresDo you want to be IN FASHION, or do you want to remain known as a stylish and fashionable dresser?  If you are "in fashion" you are not essentially stylishly dressed, BUT you may take from fashion what suits you best and combine it with something that you might already have in your working wardrobe.   Here is how….

2006 will in future be known as the year in which Unisex-styles were finally killed off.  Therefore, 2007 will celebrate womanhood J.  This coming season women will finally dress as women and not be influenced by menswear (Yeeay!).  Although jackets will have strong lines they will be worn with soft fabrics that accentuate the female form.  I have said for years that a dress should be tight enough to show that you are a woman but loose enough to show that you are a lady.  Now is the time!

This season you can choose from separates OR dresses … and not:  separates AND dresses.  Crazy women will be wearing dresses over long pants and even denim, but stylish women will stick to “EITHER…/OR…”

Round necklines are banned from public, but remains to be seen on runways of the world.  Only one in a hundred thousand woman can successfully carry this off.

Necklines are open and flattering to the collarbones and a new addition might even be the Audrey Hepburn-line (Scoop, or boat – from shoulder bone to shoulder bone)

There are many dress-lengths to choose from, and the Stylish choice will be the one that suits the shape of your legs the best…NOT the one that Paris Hilton or Angelina Jolie is wearing. 

Although the colour black is the new “black” of the season (finally!), it is best to experiment with your skin-colour’s undertone and colours that bring out your eye-colour. Interesting (but not always so safe) news is that vegetable colours like butternut, brinjal,, squash, etc, are entering the already very colourful fashionista-scene.

Do not match separates too much this coming season, it is definitely not matchy-matchy time.  Combine different textures, but keep the fabrics soft. 

Denim will never be classy, but will remain a friend in need. 

Hair should be textured and natural, and even if you do not even know anymore what your original colour was, ask for natural looks and undertones. 

Hair-jewelry is a fantastic buy for end-of-the-year functions, but keep it to the minimum (one exquisite piece is almost enough)

Lighter colours are hot news when it gets to shoes, but best is to stick to a colour that does not distract from the primary colour 0r undertone of your ensemble.  We have not even begun to fully appreciate the sharper toe, and the return of the finer heel, and already a “Stump nose”-shape is seen on the Red Carpet.  ….and it is ugly!

And finally:  Try and go and see the movie:  “The Devil wears Prada” that is currently on the circuit.  It stars the phenomenal Meryl Streep as Miranda.  It is almost a confirmation of what happens in the gloriously glamorous and fast-moving world of fashion.

Fabulous style-times till next time…

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