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Eish!  I am fat.... AGAIN!     

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Please remember that I am not a dietitian, or an expert, I am an ordinary human being that has a huge problem.  I struggle on a daily basis, but I manage to overcome the battle that so many people fight.  I have lost 35 kg my way, picked up 10kg, lost 5kg, picked up 2kg, lost 7kg, and picked up 11kg, ...

Elizabeth Taylor did it ....  Oprah Winfrey does it ....   .... and I do it! 

IThe Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstores decided that I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of what I put into my mouth.  I still have to take that decision every day of my life, but it does become easier to execute.  After three years, I could look back and feel proud.  Since then, I have picked up weight again, but I can still wear (almost) anything I find in the shops.  I can eat what I want, when I want, as long as I eat small portions… (does this sound a little "far-fetched"? I suppose so, but here is what really happens on a daily basis:

My secret:  I decide, I execute, I spoil myself, but I will always try again, others

The thought of being fat comes every day, ... at any time of day;

  • This one came at 10h47 on a Thursday...

  • I fastened my belt tighter

  • I drank my first glass of water.

  • I had something small to eat after 10 minutes.

  • I had 2 cups of tea 20 minutes later.

  • I pulled my tummy in and by lunchtime I felt thinner.

  • I had only pasta to eat.

  • I declined my afternoon-coffee.

  • I ate a banana, an energy bar, a fruit juice, and my 6th glass of water.

  • I had steamed chicken and broccoli for dinner.

  • A friend phoned inviting me to a party!

  • I did not cheat at all.

  • I came home.      

  • I felt immensely deprived the next day, and ate a burger for breakfast!

5 minutes after that, the most amazing thing happened:

  • I fastened my belt tighter…

  • I drank my first glass of water…        

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It is very important to look after your body, especially when you are younger, so that it could look after you when you are older.  I did not always believe that, but now I do.  I used to weigh 110kg at the age of 35, and realized that I was far too young not to have control over what goes into my body.  I used to get up every morning, very determined not to eat a lot that day, but ended up having seconds for dinner, because I have not eaten all day.  I used to postpone dieting till the next Monday, or till “the beginning of next month”.  I used to think that dieting is what will make me lose weight again.  I also used to think that dressing differently would make me look thinner.  I used to give up on dieting after a week, because I always felt deprived.  I began to hang out with fatter people, because they made me look slimmer.  I ate fast foods “because I did not have proper time to prepare a decent meal”.  I was always out of breath, and uncomfortable and always thought “this too shall pass.”!…And all this was wrong!  It was like a disease.  Nobody understood and talk was cheap. It is very difficult to make that decision and to create that mind switch.  But I did.  Here is what and how I did it…and what I still do:

 I become bored easily; therefore I do not stick to one rule for long.  These are the rules that make me cope. On the days that I am low, I break many of them, and although I have created 44 rules over 3 years (one for each of my living years)

Pick any 5 of the following every day and you are bound to loose a kilo.

  1. I drink lots of water, often more than 2l per day.

  2. I eat 5 times a day.

  3. I eat smaller portions.

  4. I drink liquids when I am hungry.

  5. Food follows 10 min after.

  6. I only use herbal salts; the others hold water.

  7. Caffeine makes you puffy; I only drink decaffeinated coffee.

  8. I start my metabolism by 06h30 by eating anything the size of a R5.00-coin.

  9. I try not to eat after 20h00 at night. 

  10. I stop eating 2 hours before I go to sleep.

  11. I don’t stick to one brand at all.  (Teas, cereals, fruit, meats, restaurants, etc.)

  12. Crash-diets only work for 1 or 2 kg.

  13. These diets start any time of the week, any time of day, never on a Monday.

  14. I once lost 4 kg weighing my food for 4 weeks, but I found it too much effort.

  15. I banned eating any fat!  Still eat droewors.

  16. I use olive oil for an oily feast, but I do not heat it.

  17. I never pick up more than 1,9kg before I fasten my belt tighter. 

  18. I steam food once a week.

  19. I eat the vegetables on my plate before I eat the meat.

  20. I banned all butter; I now use chutney or mayonnaise instead.

  21. I banned sugar and take honey instead.

  22. I brush my teeth immediately after I have eaten.

  23. I cheat at least twice a week, but drink water immediately if the desire is too great.

  24. I eat 5 sources of food (vegetables, dairy, fruit, protein, carbohydrates) daily. 

  25. I don’t eat Carbohydrates after 15h00 in the day, as it needs burning.

  26. I try not to walk and eat.

  27.  put my knife and fork down between bites.

  28. I do not eat from large plates.

  29. I do not finish my plate once I feel saturated.  I leave it for the in-between-meal.

  30. I do not eat everything that a host at a dinner-party offers me.

  31. I drink less alcohol, but still have the odd glass of wine or a good whiskey.

  32. I do not drink gas cool drinks.

  33. “Foods that harm and foods that heal” are all about the nutritional value of nature.

  34. My nose, taste buds, eyes and sometimes ears are a VERY BAD influence.

  35. If man makes it, I try not to eat it. (Except when I cheat!)

  36. I sleep a lot…

  37. I never celebrate with a meal…

  38. I seldom eat alone

  39. I listen to friends that look better than me (and there are many that do)

  40. I have a decent meal before I go grocery-shopping.

  41. I use smaller cutlery.

  42. I drink from smaller glasses and cups.

  43. I try not to eat seconds

  44. …And I exercise regularly! ...if you can call walking around the block "exercise"?

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