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The Seven Basic Fashion Elements      

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Colour      Texture      Silhouette     Cut       Length       Accessories      Combinations

The Style Bible is an easy to read style guide for women - by Simon Rademan - available in bookstoresHere are five of the most commonly asked questions about fashion that I have ever come across in all the magazines that I read.
  • What is fashion?
  • When am I in or out of fashion?
  • Who and what influences fashion?
  • Where do I start?
  • Why should I?
All these questions are answered through a basic understanding of
The Seven Basic Fashion Elements                                         

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A clear understanding of how fashion and what it consists of has the following advantages:

  • I do not have to spend a fortune on the newest fashion
  • I could be a fashion-leader and not a trend-follower
  • I can adapt my wardrobe to fashion cheaply
All trendy, identifiable items represent at least five of these categories. These garments last one season only! To really be in fashion at an investment-rate, only two or three of these categories have to be represented.

1.  Colour
One should always distinguish between fashion-colours and the colour that suits you the best. Say for instance that yellow is in fashion, and it definitely does not compliment your complexion, you may shop amoungst accessories like scarves, skirts, bangles, etc. Remember that The Little Black Number constantly needs adding onto. Colour also influences the people around you and is easily recognized when you wear that item for a second time.
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2. Texture: This is where the constant search for new fabrics influences the many artists that are involved in creating fashion. Satins are soft and shiny. Tweeds are harder and woven. Denim has become commercial. Chiffons are see-through. Cottons are cool in summer. Jersey stretches. Synthetics do not crease. Therefore the sky is the limit if you are searching for individuality. Combine different textures to create that unique look. Back to top

3. Silhouette:
The Fashion gurus of the world often design for the perfect figure only. Currently the silhouette is close to the female form. It is often see-through and too figure hugging. If this does not appeal to you, purchase the item in a larger number and take into consideration that darker colours does have a slimming effect. Separates are very popular, and will be for a while. If this does not appeal to you, ignore! There are Six other Elements of Fashion!
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4. Cut:
This section is seen as the way the garment has been constructed. This is not the outline of the garment. Not so long ago, garments were cut on the bias. This worked only for the more perfect figures as it highlighted all that should have not been revealed. Currently we see bias-detail on the straight cut. This is extremely complimentary to many figure types, and I suspect that it is a trend that will last longer. Remember that the more vertical these lines are, the taller one looks, while the horizontal lines might appear to shorten your look.
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5. Length:
This is where fashion trends usually vary from season to season, and literally from shop to shop. Above the knee, on the knee or below the knee is the most difficult question to answer off-hand. I have found that knees are often ugly little old-man faces; therefore you should wear the length that makes you look your best. Currently it is on the knee, no – it is below the knee, no – I think it is above. If you find that you desire the above-look and that you have ugly knees, wear stockings or seek advice on the matter. …or concentrate on one of the other Six Elements of Fashion. Separate pieces are very short, tops show the navel, skirts do not have a belt strip, etc, but it is more for the teen-age crowd.
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6. Accessories:
Although buttons and zips are not seen as accessories, they fall into this section. It is often used as focus points, but more so indicates the kind of accessory needed to compliment the total look. These fastening methods are currently not extremely visible and are definitely functional. Costume jewelry is big! This is the category where fashion-buys are definitely for one season only. They are cheap, realistic, and extreme fun to experiment with. Think of belts, scarves, earrings, glasses, vests (yeah – vests!), make-up, hairstyles, tattoo’s (?). Do not underestimate this category.
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7. Combinations:
Yes! This is your own personal style-category. This is often referred to as the mix-and-match category. The rules here are simple: What do have…where are you going to…what must you buy…why should you not? Combine this category with any two of the other Six Elements of fashion, and you have taken your first step to better, more fashionable dressing! Good luck, and keep visiting my site at or for more advice and guidance should you need it.

Knowledge is power!

There are now only two more questions with answers before you can start experiencing the splendour of fashion

    1. What influences fashion?

Countries in the news:
The weather:
Availability of fabric.
like war, aids, September the 11th
Wanting to be like Princess Diana
The Olympics in Spain, Soccer in Germany
We have long summers, England has long winters
how much does it cost?
track suiting does not work for tailoring.
Colours have meaning.

    2. Who creates fashion?

Fabric-designers and fabric suppliers
Class-leaders at school and at university
Chain stores
Film stars and the movie-characters they portray
Fashion Designers

   During a consultation, our aim is to show you the possibilities of looking your best!   Knowledge is power!   We shamelessly share information with you and enable you to experience the splendour of looking your best at all times!   Should you want this information at hand, at all times, we now have selected information available regarding the following: Wardrobe-planning, Figure analysis, The little black no., How Simon Rademan lost 35kg, and The Elements of Fashion.

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