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The application form for the Simon Rademan 19th Birthday Celebration Give-away

Simon Rademan is celebrating 20 years in the industry.  To commemorate this, he is giving away 5 dresses from his Bridal Prt-A-Porter range.  This is open to anyone that was a bride of Simon Rademan, or that knows a bride that was married in a Simon Rademan design.  To stand in line for, and to possibly receive one of these exquisitely designed Haute Couture gowns, you have to complete and submit the following form:  (We regret no money-donations. Terms and conditions apply)                        Back to main "Services"- page

Please tell us in 20 words why you should be one of the chosen 5.
This information is true and may be used by Simon Rademan for any form of publication if necessary. 
Name:  (Maiden name please)
Your E-mail address:
Physical and/or postal address:
Phone, contact details:
Which bridal magazines (currently for sale), feature Simon Rademan designs?  hint:  look on "bridal-page"  
Your measurements:           Bust:  Waist:  Hip:  Length:

Name 5 celebrity weddings that Simon Rademan have designed for?: 

hint:  look on "Magazine Covers" page:        

I have been referred to you by:
I was a client of yours (date):
Please describe the design you/she wore, or mail an image to us.  This is the gown that you stand a chance to win.
Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio CC

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Sponsorships - 19th birthday giveaway

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