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Extraordinary women do style talk with Mr Rademan - where the questions stay the same ... but the answers don't!

Her best asset: ...her legs!  She is...

Helenč Bester 

Singer, performer   read now   

Helenč Bester - singer, performer

Simon says:  View her wedding gown

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Glamorous              Elegant              Beautiful Fashion             Evening             Classy              Chic              Original              Designer              Classic

The Style Bible by Simon Rademan


- by Simon Rademan


Helenč Bester  Singer, performer

  1. Shopping motto:  Rather buy something expensive, that’ll “live” for 10 years, than something cheap, that’ll be gone in one season.  “Goedkoop is duur koop”.
  2. Dress etiquette?  Read the situation.  Walk and sit upright – always makes you look your best.  Find out beforehand what the dress code is.
  3. Wardrobe friend?  My black skirt, with slits on the sides.  Always a winner, can dress it up or down.
  4. Shoe heel height?  Don’t know, but like high heels.
  5. Dress mistakes? – What?   Oh yes! Looked like a block!  - wearing a loose fitting skirt with a loose fitting top
  6. How many hangers in your wardrobe?  About thirty. 
  7. Accessory friend?  About thirty
  8. Best asset?  My legs.
  9. Lipstick? Colour?  MAC-brown.
  10. Handbag?  What’s in it?  Yes, I do!  lip stick, mascara, face powder, purse and cell phone.
  11. Week-end friend (Wardrobe)?  If I’m not working, just sweaters!
  12. A second hand item? No.
  13. Most expensive item, ever?  My first SKOUSPEL-dress!  … from Simon Rademan
  14. Cheapest buy?  My gym pants, form PEP.
  15. Best investment?  My black boots, for the winter.
  16. Dress secret?  Accentuate your best assets.  Don’t force yourself into a size 10 if you’re a size 12!
  17. Your friend’s thoughts on your wardrobe?  He likes it very much.
  18. …and your thoughts on his?  I like his clothes, it is comfortable and not old fashioned at all. 
  19. Definition of style?  Self-confidence in your own skin.
  20. Describe today’s fashion?  Exhilarating!




And what do they say...?

Marelize Steyn-Earle, Professional make-up artist and Mrs SA 2002 - You are currently on this page.Helenč Bester - Singer, Performer - You are currently on this page.Mrs Eleanor Ford - Fashion show directorChante Hinds (Moller) - Mom, Inspirational speakerSusan Puren - Television producer and journalistBernelee Daniell - Mom, businesswoman, Miss SA 1995Mimi Coertse - Soprano, Opera singerShemane Harris - Radio and television presenter, MCMandi du Plooy - Actress

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Helenč Bester - singer, performer - You are currently on this page.

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