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This is the official application form for a consultation at Simon Rademan Fashion Design Studio  

Please complete in full, print it and email or fax it t 

Kindly share the following information on what your needs are in order for us to determine if we can accommodate your request.  Only if this form is completed in full can it be considered as a request for a consultation:You can also find us on facebook, twitter and linkedin for regular updates

Our fields of expertise include Bridal design, Evening wear, Wardrobe Planning, Styling.

You're welcome to browse the site, or find our book at

I have been referred to you by:
I am a client of yours (date):
For when do you need it?
What do you need?
Do you have your own idea of what you want?
Is the design open to the discression of Simon Rademan?
Name in full: 
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Phone, contact details:
When are you available for a consultation?
Fittings are only done during the week
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Preferences  Colour: Fabric:  Length:  
Detaille preferred:
Do you have a budget?
Do you want to rent or purchase?
*Your measurements: 


 Bust: Waist:  Hip:  Length:

*Conditional only if on loan for a shoot, show, or red carpet appearance...    

   Fax to 012 4609736 or Email us

Please allow 24 - 48 hours for response time (2 working days).

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Application for a consultation

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